Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mid Week Report

I'm surprised to report that despite the rainy/snowy/gloomy/winter-like conditions we're experiencing this week, we've actually been doing rather well. When I saw the 10-day weather forecast this past Sunday, I was definitely prepared for the worst. Especially since we spent most every waking moment of last week playing outside, I thought for sure I'd be spending every waking moment of this week dealing with hyper, stir-crazy kids who can't help but continually ask me every five minutes if it is snack time yet. And, although we have definitely had our unpleasant moments, the week hasn't really been all that bad.
Some highlights:
We enjoyed a playdate with a dear college friend of mine who has a son Allie's age and a daughter Zach's age. It was especially fun to watch the older two conversing and interacting with each other while building castles and cooking dinner in the play kitchen.

We watched "Cars," again.

Zach learned how to turn on and off the bathroom light and subsequently says "ON!" and "OFF!" when he does so.

Allie gave a new name to the particular bathroom light fixture mentioned above, that also happens to be on the same switch as the bathroom vent/fan, and is not afraid to direct members of our family when they should make use of it. For instance, "Daddy? Daddy? Are you in the bathroom? If you think that you are going to have a poop in there, then maybe you should turn on the poop light to get the stink out!"

Shopping trips to Target with both kids are much more enjoyable if I can get there before 9 a.m. Not only are there barely any shoppers, but the kids are definitely in a better mood and since they have just eaten breakfast, they are not yet begging for snacks. Oh wait...scratch that last sentence...Allie asked for goldfish crackers, cookies, jelly beans, fruit snacks, an icee, and M&Ms.

Allie was a great listener at the dentist's office today. Even though the dentist had to polish and scrape her teeth twice (don't worry, it's not because we don't brush her teeth, but more due to poor enamel), she still declared that she loves the dentist. She also had her first dental x-rays taken which showed that she already has a small cavity in the making. Poor kid. It looks as though she has inherited her Daddy's teeth and will most likely have a lot of dental/orthodontic visits in the years to come. Good thing she loves the dentist!

Zach was shockingly good at the dentist's office. He also had his first check up and fluoride treatment. Apparently his two front top teeth already have the inside corners chipped off. But, with the amount of times a day he falls down or runs into something, I guess I'm not all that surprised. The dentist said we could fix them when he gets a little older.

We've read lots and lots and lots of books...over and over and over again:

We've played so many games of Pretty, Pretty Princess that I have lost count of how many. I do know that I have only won twice, though.

We lounge in our crib during nap time and stick our feet through the crib slats instead of actually closing our eyes and falling asleep:

And, the true highlight of our day is when we all gather by the back door window to check and see if the squirrel that has been "sleeping" on the little black box attached to our power lines in the backyard since the beginning of February is still resting peacefully.

There he is, taking an over two-month nap with his eyes wide open while his fluffy tail still whips around in the breeze. Snow, nor rain, nor sleet, nor cold, nor wind, can apparently shake him from his perch. Maybe he's just serving as a powerful visual reminder to the other neighborhood squirrels that it is really not such a good idea to chew on power lines or sit on top of a little black box that has the word "Electric" written on the front of it and is partially open with little wires sticking out. Come to think of it, I really haven't seen many squirrels treading atop the power lines recently...they are kind of sticking to running across the back yard fence instead.


Michelle said...

Glad to hear you're not only surviving but thriving:) Loved hearing the highlights, especially Allie's name for the exhaust fan -haha! So, I'm guessing the squirrel is no longer living?? If so, that's hilarious that it's still there, and yes, I agree very amusing and a "power"ful reminder to other little critters like himself:)

Jen D said...

Oh yes, the squirrel is most definitely dead. Honestly, I'm getting a tad concerned about it falling down. All I need is for one of the kids to pick it up and bring it to me. I say this only because last summer Allie found a squirrel's tail that she brought to me. Gross.

Natalie said...

I seriously loved the poop light!!! ROFL

Courtenay said...

What happens when that thing starts to decompose??? YIKES!