Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend Recap

Holiday weekends are always full of fun and surprises. This past Easter weekend was no exception.

The first surprise: absolutely glorious spring weather! I don't believe we've had a sunny and warm (yes, 50-60 degree weather is most definitely considered warm to us northerners) Easter weekend since Allie's first Easter when she was only five months old.

So, in an effort to enjoy the beautiful weather we decided to go for a bike ride on Saturday morning. Although Ben and I knew our destination, we decided to keep it a secret from the kids. After about a 45 minute long bike ride near the river, weaving through several different bike trails in our community, we arrived at Culver's where we welcomed our second surprise: a HUGE Easter party celebration. Both the kids were excited when we pulled into the parking lot and there waiting for us was a police car, a fire truck, free books, face painting, and music. We enjoyed lunch and ice cream before saddling back up on the bikes and riding back home in time for some much needed naps.

We spent the rest of the day at home, mostly playing in the backyard. As it was nearing bath time, I headed inside to get things ready for the morning. I always try to set the kids' clothes out on Saturday evening and pack the diaper bag so we can get to church without feeling so rushed on Sunday morning. I also had to pack up a few things so that we could go over to my parents' house after the church service to continue our Easter celebration with my family on Sunday.

As I was just about done with all my preparations, surprise number three of the holiday weekend made its appearance. While Ben was pushing the kids on the swing, Zach tossed his cookies...and to be honest, it wasn't just his cookies he lost. According to Ben, Zach projectile upchucked all of his entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Twice. Did I mention this happened while he was swinging?

Ben stripped most of Zach's clothes off and quickly brought him inside where I plunked him in the bath. He was pretty distraught, shivering uncontrollably, and just downright miserable. After his bath we gave him a sippy cup of Pedialyte and took his temperature. Thermometer reading: 101.

From past experience, we have learned it is not a good idea to put a puking child to bed for the night so soon after the puking incident. In our case, doing just that has resulted in cleaning up expelled puke all over the bed a little less than half an hour after laying the child down into the bed. So, while Ben gave Allie her bath, Zach and I sat down in the chair, cuddled up underneath a blanket, and began watching some Veggie Tales while he continued sipping his red tinted Pedialyte.
Red tinted Pedialyte? Yep. Big mistake.
Surprise number four: Pink puke. Repeatedly. Over the next hour and a half. All over me, the blanket, the furniture. But, none on Zach!
Needless to say, we did not attend church on Sunday morning. Allie was definitely sad about not going to church. But her disappointment regarding our lack of church attendance was nothing compared to the surprising blow of opening her last resurrection egg to find it completely empty. The expression on her face and her insistence that we obviously forgot to put something in the last egg was hilarious. Apparently the symbolism of the empty egg went far over her head this year. However, a few pastel marshmallow bunnies in her Cheerios at breakfast while listening to Daddy read the Easter story seemed to smooth things over quite well.

Poor Zach was quite miserable on Sunday morning, but he did not object to eating orange jello for breakfast:

One of the more exciting surprises of the morning was finding out that the Easter Bunny is real. No lie. We opened our windows on Sunday morning to find our backyard full of pastel colored eggs filled with chocolates. Ben and I looked at each other, puzzled, and both exclaimed simultaneously, "Did you...?" To which we both responded in unison to one another, "!" I'm not sure who was more excited, the kids or us! We're still not sure who played Easter bunny this year, but our suspicion is one of our next door neighbors.
After collecting the eggs from our surprise morning Easter egg hunt, we headed on over to the Richardson's where we had a fun time visiting with family, eating great food, hunting eggs, and eating as much candy as desired (my exact words, indeed, to the kids).
Here's Allie striking a pose in her Easter dress:

Zach was still feeling icky, but managed to have fun:Watching a movie while waiting for Easter Dinner (or lunch...seeing as we ate at noon):Sugar, Sugar, Sugar. And yes, the end of the sugar high was definitely in the form of a massive, MASSIVE melt-down. Poor Zach...I'm not sure that cookie helped him feel any fact, most of it ended up on the ground where Taffy (the Richardson's dog) ate it:Hunting for Eggs! This was Zach's first official Easter Egg Hunt and he was a pro. Allie, also a pro, has a little more experience under her belt:Here's Zach enjoying a bunny marshmallow. Actually, he only enjoyed it for two seconds and then spit it on the ground:Wow...big surprise...absolutely no smiles for the annual Easter kids' shot. Seriously, even though you would never guess it from this photo, they both had a lot of fun!The best family photo of the day. Apparently, for Allie the candy was much more exciting than smiling for the camera and Zach was just not really in that picture-taking mood:

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Amy said...

I'm so sorry Zach was sick! But seriously, for a sick kiddo, he is looking VERY the hair! Allie and Zach both look adorable. Hope you had a great Easter despite the sickness!