Monday, April 27, 2009

Remember Our Dead Squirrel?

In case you don't remember what dead squirrel I'm referring to, here's a refresher: Yes, that dead squirrel: The one that got mortally zapped while playing with the power line box back in February and has been hanging out in our backyard ever since.

Since my previous post that first introduced our backyard rodent friend, I have received multiple comments and have personally discussed at great lengths what will eventually happen to the critter's corpse...especially when, you know, it starts to decompose and all. Should we call the power company? Animal control? Or, should I continue to hold out hope that when the vermin finally does fall from its all too inconvenient resting place, fur matted from months of enduring the outside elements complete with disintegrating insides due to the long awaited seasonal thaw, that it will land in our neighbor's backyard so maybe their dogs can have a little fun with it instead of my kids?

Well, I need wonder no longer. This weekend, upon my typical daily dead squirrel check, behold:

Yes, that is a huge black crow pecking happily away at the dead squirrel, who, by the way, has lost a considerable amount of weight and cuteness factor over the past few months.

There were a few times that I gasped in sheer horror as I watched the crow aggressively pecking the poor flimsy lifeless thing, lifting it completely off the box at one point, and I thought for sure that the black scavenger bird would fling its meal directly into my backyard. But, as quickly as he arrived, the crow flew off before he even finished his meal, and unfortunately, hasn't been back since.

So, now, we have a half eaten electrocuted squirrel laying rather precariously on the power box in our backyard.

Any birds out there up for some leftovers?


Michelle said...

That takes the cake for grossness (is that a word?)!!! Gotta love those crows!v

J mom said...

I think I am going to puke....

Karishma said...

Man, the last few days have been a drag, trying to get up to graduation. I needed a good loud EW and LOL!!!! :) Thanks!