Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring Summer is Here (at least for the time being)!

Yesterday marked our first 80-degree day of the year. Yes, you read correctly...80+ degrees on April 23! In fact, I saw on the news last night that we were only 1 degree shy of breaking the all time record high for the day.

In celebration of our taste of summer, both Allie and I brought out our flip-flops

and spent some much needed outside play time. Allie played in the sandbox while wearing her almost sleeveless cotton sun dress:

We had fun spotting the blue jays, robins, and cardinals in our backyard together:

Allie climbed to the top of the swing set and declared it room 308 of her personal hotel:

And then she discovered the hazards of wearing a sundress on an extremely windy day while climbing down from her penthouse hotel suite:

We had a great afternoon enjoying the outdoors!

Oh...what's that? You want to know where Zach was? That's right...I do have another child! How could I forget to mention that he spent the majority of the time looking like this?

Ahhh...yes...we have now reached the stage in child-development known as the "I can't really communicate to you want I want, so instead I will throw myself on the ground, kicking, screaming, thrashing, and scooting myself backwards over the full length of the backyard until I get what I want...oh wait...what is it that I want? I can't seem to remember anymore" period. More aptly named: "The Terrible Twos."

After realizing he was indeed missing out on much fun, he allowed me to help him to the top of the swing set: Then, he wanted to go down the slide:
And, after going down the slide when he wasn't able to climb up the swing set all by himself, we found ourselves back at square one:But, then he found the rope hooked to our mini-climbing wall on our swing set and was again amused:
Until Allie came and tried to take the rope away:So, then we headed back to the sandbox

where every single time Zach picked up a toy to play with, Allie proclaimed, in the most dramatic fashion, that she absolutely needed the particular tool Zach was holding to put the finishing touches on her ice cream sundae and that Zach "...never ever EVER shares ANYTHING!"

The moral of the story?

Being a mom kid is rough and can definitely take an emotional toll on you.

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