Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Operation Weight-Loss 2009
Week 14: 4/1 - 4/7
Weight Lost This Week: -2.8 pounds
Weight Lost To Date: -27.4 pounds
Well, after the disappointing 0.4 pounds lost last week I was determined more than ever to lose some significant poundage this week. So, it seems cracking down on those after dinner snacks and increasing my amount of exercise did the trick. I was on the treadmill for an hour every day instead of only a half hour. Plus, I got a new Pilates exercise video that is beyond difficult--basically, I'm sweating bullets after less than 2 minutes and the whole workout lasts 45 minutes. I'm not quite sure it is possible for me to keep up this amount of exercise for this week, though. An hour and 45 minutes is a lot of time out of my day and I don't always have that amount of free time to devote to exercise. Also, I have a whopper of a cold and have felt like crud since Monday (which hasn't exactly helped my whole desire to wake up at the crack of dawn to hit the treadmill; however, I have had little to no that's a plus, huh?!). Anyway, I'm going to continue to exercise as I am able and try not to be too disappointed if the numbers on the scale aren't the greatest next week. Sleep seems oh so much more important this week.
Well, this week we celebrate Easter. In the world of food, this means a huge and wonderful Sunday dinner spread prepared by my mom. We'll also be celebrating my mom's upcoming birthday, so I'm positive that a delectable cake will make its appearance on the dessert table. of my biggest weaknesses. So, because I really don't want to gain all 2.8 pounds back that I worked my tail off to lose last week, I am going to be diligent about portion sizes, in addition to making sure I fill most of my plate with lower-fat options at the Easter dinner table (think salad, veggies, fruit, turkey minus the gravy). Also, I will pass on those things (or take very little of...think, one or two bites) that aren't necessarily special, celebratory food (think mashed potatoes, stuffing, know, basically the things that I could have anytime I wanted) so that I reserve my calories for foods that make their appearance only a couple times a year. And, well, I'm not going to say I'll pass on the cake. That just ain't gonna happen. But, I will make sure to have a very small piece...and I'll pass on the ice cream. Here's to hoping I can control myself!
Fun Fact of the Week:
I hate shopping for pants...absolutely hate it. Not only do I have to find the tall sizes that only a very few stores carry, but I usually have to venture into the sizes that make me want to cry. So, when I went shopping this past weekend for some dress pants (because all of my other dress pants look like parachute pants) to wear to my sister's upcoming bridal shower, I was very careful not to get too excited about finding anything that fit. Until, I was in the dressing room trying on a pair of pants that were 1 size smaller than any pair of pants I own at home and they were...TOO BIG. And, when my sister brought me a pair of pants that were 2 sizes smaller than any pair of pants I own at home, I looked at the waist band and laughed out loud because there was no way a pair of pants that small was going to fit me! But, giving in to my sister's coaxing, I took the tiny pair of pants off the hanger, pulled them up without any effort at all (I'm not sucking in, no tugging, no pulling the waist band in a last ditch effort to proclaim they fit), buttoned the button, and zipped the zipper. They fit. Perfectly. I don't remember the last time it felt that good to march up to the register and fork over my credit card to buy a pair of pants. Actually, probably not since high school...seeing as that's the last time I bought a pair of pants in that size. I think I'm actually going to save the tag on the pants. Seriously, this is momentous.


The Mulvihills said...

So proud of you! Yes, save that pants tag! Just think of how great it is going to feel to buy cute summer dresses, too!

Nick and Cindy said...

SO exciting!! That's got to be a much more fun reward than seeing the scale....when clothes shopping is fun. : )

ella jean said...

yeah!!!!! that is so wonderful! (i too hate shopping for pants so i really understand the excitement!) woot woot!