Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Difference in Personality, Age, or Gender?

Today at 3:45 pm I got out some paints for the kids.
At approximately 3:57 pm while Allie was still meticulously engaged in the creation of a castle (that she later informed me also served as a depiction of the Mall of America because that is where she wants us to go this weekend...or Disneyworld...whichever location we choose is fine with her). . .

. . .Zach had long finished his work of art and had moved on to more important endeavors.

At about 4:36 pm, after over a zillion times 'round the coffee table, Mack finally made his way into the kitchen. . .

(The above picture will absolutely NOT upload horizontally, so you'll just have to tilt your head a bit to get the correct orientation.)
. . .where Allie was still putting the finishing touches on her masterpiece.

At 5:15 pm, when Allie finally declared she was finished, Lightening McQueen had also joined the painting party.

Ta-Da! The finished works of art!
Allie was insistent upon posing with hers and then told me she still needed to add some more paint. By the time she was actually done, there was absolutely no white space left on the paper. Total composition time: 1 hour and 27 minutes.

Zach's work of art. He refused to sit still so I could take a picture of him with his painting. Also note that 75% of the paint on the paper was a result of my failed effort to get him interested in painting. Total composition time: 7 minutes.

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