Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Little November Catch Up Post

Alright. Since it is now officially mid-November and I still have yet to feel a surge of bloggy inspiration, I am resorting to my all time favorite post format. I bring to you (drum roll-please)......

10. We put up Christmas lights on the outside of our house for the first time EVER this year. The warmer than average November paired with our enthusiasm for the Christmas season (read--the first year we were married, we bought an artificial tree and had it completely put together and decorated in our apartment by November 1) resulted in a mighty fine display of white lights in the front yard. We have only had a brief inaugural lighting to ensure that all lights were working, but have been informed by Allie that the lights will make their nightly appearances beginning on her birthday.

9. Allie made a fruit loop necklace at preschool last week. Allie brought me a blue string this morning and, in between tears, asked me what happened to her necklace. Zach came running into the kitchen a mere five seconds later muttering something to the effect of "Allie's necklace....ate cheerios...yum."

8. Ben and I enjoyed this past weekend in WI without kids. We were able to catch up with some family and friends, spend lots of time together, and attend our 10 year high school reunion. We stayed up later than we have in months (we even ate pizza at'm feelin' a bit old mentioning that we ordered a pizza late at night like it is a noteworthy achievement) and although we feel completely rejuvenated from our time away, the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll.

7. The kids spent this past weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house and weren't too thrilled upon our return. Although they said they missed us, Allie has already asked no less than 50 times when she can stay overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's again and Zach's first words upon waking up from his nap and seeing my face were "GRANDMA?! GRANDMA?!"

6. I am well on my way to being completely done with Christmas shopping and have already ordered and received our family Christmas cards. And, no, I'm not sure why that is blogworthy.

5. The princess birthday requested by Allie has been sufficiently planned. In addition to her upcoming family birthday lunch, we will also be having her BFF spend the night for the first time. I have a whole slew of princess crafts planned for the evening in addition to the viewing of either Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty (complete with popcorn). For dinner, Allie has requested breakfast. So, I'm thinking a little stack of pancakes with candles are in order.

4. My best friend from college just welcomed her 3rd baby into their family! Much to Allie's disappointment, Zach and I visited Baby Elena while Allie was at preschool. I had a great time talking with Sonia and Will, cradling Elena, and watching the 3 older kids play with the awesome train set (while also being reminded of my total lack of engineering ability when their 4 year old son had to show me the correct way to construct the train bridge so that it would actually remain upright and stable when a train was placed atop of it).

3. I was a bit concerned when no one responded to the post in which I discussed my massive brain dissolution. I mean, seriously, I know I haven't been very consistent in posting lately, but I checked and I now have over 45 subscribers--which is shocking in and of itself because I still can't fathom that there are that many people out there who are interested in the ramblings of my mostly mundane life--and absolutely no one else has evidence of brain decay? I feel so alone.

2. I am really struggling to come up with 10 things. I guess maybe I should have thought of the items in the list before composing the title to the list. Obviously, I could go back and change the title, but THE TOP 8 THINGS I HAD GREAT INTENTIONS OF BLOGGING ABOUT, BUT COMPLETELY NEGLECTED TO DO SO just does not have as pleasant a ring to it as THE TOP 10 THINGS I HAD GREAT INTENTIONS OF BLOGGING ABOUT, BUT COMPLETELY NEGLECTED TO DO SO. You know how on these lists you're supposed to keep reading because item #1 is the best or funniest?'ve read a long time and if you choose to continue reading, I don't want you to get your hopes up to high.

1. It is now 3:54 pm. Both kids are still napping. This is not normal. I better go check to see if they are still breathing.


lsalsa said...

I just wanted to let you know that I did try and respond to the "lack of brain cells" post but it wouldn't let me logon. I'm there with you, I was told that once you lose those brain cells with pregnancy, they don't ever come back. I was very disappointed, I do so miss the clear thoughts I use to have.

Kirstjen said...

I read it...loved it...and am completely there with you as is obvious by my lack of comment!

Ames said...

How do you find out how many subscribers you have?!

And, my brain is also missing...