Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities

When you live in the same county that is also home to the city which is known for being the "Halloween Capital of the World," then it goes without saying that there will be plenty of family friendly festivities to participate in on Halloween day. Although we have lived in our present home for over four years, this past weekend was our first time to attend the acclaimed Halloween parade in our northern neighbor city.


We weren't quite sure what to expect out of a Halloween parade, but had heard that quite a lot of people from all around the Cities come to see it. So, we made sure to arrive over two hours before the beginning of the parade to reserve our spot with blankets and chairs (apparently we were lucky to get a spot...the people around us reserved their spots before 7:00 that morning!).


After our spots were sufficiently claimed, we walked through the quaint and somewhat touristy downtown area where we happened upon a kids' Halloween carnival. For under $5 the kids were able to participate in almost an hour's worth of games (complete with prizes) and took a turn in the inflatable jump house.

Allie even got to make her very own bracelet:And after Zach won a sucker by spinning a huge wheel, he was sufficiently satisfied.
We had picked up some sandwiches from Subway before arriving, so after the carnival we went back to our seats and ate a chilly picnic lunch. And because we were starting to feel the effects of the brisk wind and chilly temperatures, we also indulged in some steaming fries and hot chocolate.

The parade itself was way more than any of us expected! The kids loved seeing all the marching bands, horses, fire trucks, police cars, and floats complete with princesses, Sponge Bob, and Cars characters (to highlight a few of the kids' favorites). I was a little concerned about gory-themed floats, but was pleasantly surprised that only one creation boasted severed heads and blood (and thankfully we had enough candy to quickly avert both kids' attention).

After about an hour and a half, upon the realization that we had heard "Thriller" booming through the sound systems of at least 15 of the floats and the kids' candy bags were more than overflowing, Zach had a major meltdown upon temporarily misplacing his green Gideon's New Testament, and we realized it was probably time for us to head home.


In an effort to see if we could stay until the end of the parade, we gave Zach another sucker (at this point, we lost count of how many he had consumed)...
...and he was temporarily appeased.

We stayed for another fifteen minutes before realizing that our fingers and toes felt numb. So, we didn't see the end of the parade, but we did enjoy an hour and forty-five minutes worth of it (which is honestly the longest parade I believe I have ever witnessed in person).


To further extend the Halloween festivities, we came home and decorated pumpkin cookies.
Although I'm fairly sure there was more licking of frosting and snitching of sprinkles than actual decorating, it was still fun!
Through the pumpkin cookie decorating extravaganza, I learned that black frosting is not the best option. Ta-da! The finished masterpieces:

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