Thursday, December 17, 2009

Allie's Slumber Party

This past Friday finally marked the day of Allie's long awaited sleepover in celebration of her birthday. It was previously scheduled for the end of November, but had to be postponed due to both of the girls being sick.
Allie could hardly contain her excitement over her very first slumber party. Well, technically this would mark her second sleepover (her first being the night she spent with Rachel and her family when she was almost two years old while we were busy bringing her brother into the world), but seeing as this will most likely be the first she actually remembers, we'll count it as such.
In addition to lots of dress up and princess play, I planned a few activities for the girls. And, since Grandma offered to take Zach for most of the day and overnight, I was able to give undivided attention to the girls and their crafts.
First up: Gingerbread houses made with graham crackers. The girls were pleasantly surprised to discover that besides decorating their houses with frosting and candies, they were also allowed to consume as much of that candy and frosting as their little hearts desired. Let's just say I've never seen two such little girls consume so much sugar in one sitting!

After the massive sugar feast both girls cuddled up on the couch for a Veggie Tale movie (Queen Esther, to be exact).
Before heading out for pizza and some Christmas light viewing in our neighborhood, we beaded and decorated princess necklaces. All in all, it proved to be a fun night for both girls! Believe it or not, there was actually sleep involved, even beginning at a reasonable time. And, when both girls awoke at 3:30 am, slightly confused by the fact that it wasn't morning yet, they quickly fell back asleep until 7:00 am.
Here's one last shot of the bathing beauties... Just look at the excitement on both of their faces! I believe they are already in the process of planning their next slumber party.

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Michelle said...

Rachel and I looked at this post together:) - here's her response:

hapy birthday! I just love you Allie and your mommy and Zach and everybody else in the whole neighborhood. I had fun and lots of fun, so much fun and really much fun! I liked it so so so so so much!


I don't think I could write more to express how much fun she had -ha!:)

Here's one last expression of her gratefulness:


Too bad these comments don't come with sound effects:)