Monday, December 14, 2009

Biding Time While Sick

Two weeks ago when we were quarantined at home because of two sick kids, I relied upon my creativity to keep us occupied for one of our afternoons. Behold.... I am actually quite surprised with what can be crafted given the help of some construction paper, cardboard, cotton, raffia, scissors, and one desperate mommy.

Although Zach wasn't as into the projects as his sister (who spent almost 2 hours straight working on her Christmas creations),
he didn't stop us girls from having some crafty fun.
The only problem: Allie is currently on day 3 of another fever, Zach just spiked his own this morning, and with chills and aches myself, I admit I'm feeling pretty crummy. So, although 2 weeks ago my brain was functioning creatively enough to produce entertaining works of art like pictured below,

today my brain has only been barely lucid enough to provide breakfast to the starving children and throw in a couple DVDs. Here's to hoping we're getting all this crummy sickness out of our systems so we can enjoy a healthy Christmas.

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