Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nap Time

I have always looked forward to nap time since the kids were teeny babies. No matter how rough the morning, how many poopy diapers or onesies I changed, how much screaming and whining and crying I had to endure (and, unfortunately, not all that screaming, whining, and crying belonged to the kids), I could always count on a small portion of our afternoon being set aside for rest. Even if the kids refused to sleep, nap time was (and still is) sacred in this household and is strictly observed whether you decide to sleep or not.
In the early baby days (if you are a mom, this can be translated to mean "the weeks where you spent 90% of every 24 hour period either feeding or calming your newborn, 5% changing poopy diapers and clothing laden with spit up, 3% attempting to do laundry, and the remaining 2% watching your peaceful, sleeping babe while barely being able to contain your emotional composure as your heart beams with love while simultaneously coming to the realization that the secret fear you've been harboring regarding the sudden awakening of your little angel at a moment's notice with absolutely no warning other than the deafening screams that are about to emit from his/her mouth, is just about to come true..."), nap time was almost always spent together.
This nap time together arrangement was mostly out of necessity due to the fact that I could not possibly make it through one 24-hour period without that 2-hour respite, complete with much needed sleep, in the middle of the afternoon and more often than not, the only way my kids would take good, long, afternoon naps was with me. So, after a hearty lunch, I would lie on my back on our couch, babe positioned on his or her tummy (on my tummy) and we would sleep the afternoon away together. In those early days when I could count how many times my kids took good, long naps in their cribs on one hand, the mommy/babe couch nap was a definite way to ensure much needed sleep for all.
I'm not quite sure when napping together ceased...probably around 5 or 6 months when we were finally able to establish a more stable schedule, the babes got more used to their cribs (and were also sleeping through the night), and the necessity of my own sleep during nap time fell to the wayside in favor of completing household chores or whatnot (ok...so in all honesty, blogging, photo editing, reading, and watching TV all make the top of that list as well).
Anyway, as difficult as those early weeks of infancy often are (for mommy and baby alike), I will always remember those afternoon nap times, cuddled up with my cute little babes, with absolute fondness and joy.
So, as you can imagine, this past Sunday after Zach's much-too-abbreviated afternoon nap (we've been having some issues with him falling asleep for nap times lately), I pleasantly welcomed him onto the couch for a little cuddle time to help him wake up. Only, he didn't wake up.
And, momentarily I was whisked back in time, remembering what it was like to hold my babe on the couch while we slept the afternoon away. I am sure these times will only become fewer and farther in between, but I will take all that I can get.

How did he wake up? Well, my biggest baby decided she wanted in on the cuddle action as well. And, all peace and quiet went steadily downhill from there.

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Here, here to the afternoon nap!

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lsalsa said...

Very sweet pictures! Gotta love nap time!