Friday, January 22, 2010


It's official. I'm exhausted.

Although my plan to keep our January days extremely busy in an effort to make the dreariest of all months pass by quickly is working quite beautifully, it has also left me longing for my bed every night by 8:00 p.m.

On top of the busy days, for some reason on Wednesday evening I thought it would be an excellent idea to take out my Jillian Michaels exercise DVDs (that I've all since abandoned since Thanksgiving). Although I have continued running about 3-4 miles each morning to stay in shape, I just haven't had the time to continue with Ms. Michaels' boot camp regimen. However, something unexplainable in the core of my being decided I needed to take it up again ASAP. I was remarkably surprised at how easily I completed the 50 minute workout and went to bed Wednesday evening feeling already more muscular than I had in a long time. Then, I woke up approximately 7 hours later to discover that taking two months off of weight training and then starting it up again on a whim with such extreme gusto and enthusiasm is probably not the best way to go.

So, on top of being exhausted, I am sore. Really sore.

Which did not pair well with tackling the Children's Museum today with two extremely excited and energetic kids. Thank goodness for my mom who came along with us and crawled into spots that were just not possible for me to contort into today.

Despite everything, we did have a really fun time and the kids were amazingly well behaved.

So much so, that I decided we could just skip naps and hit the grocery store on the way home to pick up a few things I needed for dinner tonight and to make it through this weekend now that Ben has decided he also needs to lose a few pounds.

Plus, the kids are always excited about visiting the grocery store by Grandma's because they have those lovely 2-seater car carts that are the bane of every mother's existence because the two seats are really never large enough to hold two kids comfortably and all the kids do is push and shove each other through the entirety of the store while whining and complaining that their bodies are touching each other...then, at some point, one of the kids will hang half of their body outside the window of the car and because the mom is attempting to navigate through the store as quickly as possible, she will unknowingly come a little to close to the aisle with the cart and screaming will ensue due to the fact that the kid whose body is flailing everywhere has been clipped by the frozen foods cooler.

Thankfully, the grocery store seemed to put both kids over the threshold of being so exhausted that they could barely function like human beings and we had a 45 minute ride home where both of them slept like rocks for the majority of the time. And although I was thoroughly enjoying the rare extended period of peace and quiet, I admit, it took everything I had in me to keep my eyelids open and concentrate on the road.

But, stay awake I did, and we arrived home safely where I ushered in two lethargic kids and four bags of groceries.

And, now, instead of making dinner, I'm sitting here blogging. Why?

Well...because as I was getting the things out necessary for tonight's dinner I realized we are apparently out of tomato sauce. I didn't even think to pick up tomato sauce at the grocery store because I always have tomato sauce on hand. I just don't understand how my cupboard could be void of any and all cans of tomato sauce! After considering substituting ketchup or spaghetti sauce (both of which I just don't think would create a very good version of BBQ Pork Sandwiches...ok, so ketchup would probably actually work, but the truth is we are running low on that too), I called my SOS support system.

And, he suggested we just go out for dinner tonight. And, I am definitely all up for that. TGIFriday's here we come!

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