Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February is Here!

Wow. I can't believe I let the last week of January slip away without even blogging about it. In fact, I actually found myself surprised to wake up this Monday morning to discover it was February already. Did I just infer that January actually passed by quickly? Why, yes, I think I did! My crazy plan to over schedule the first month of the year (ignoring, for the most part, those minor colds and bouts of sheer exhaustion) has officially worked!

Unfortunately, I've come to the realization that nothing much has changed since February has arrived. It is still cold. There is still snow. If the sun actually does decide to shine, it usually means that it is even more bitter cold outside than the gloomy days spent covered with grey clouds and swirling snow. And perhaps the most annoying of all realizations, despite the fact that we have 3 full months of practice, is that it still takes roughly 18 minutes for us to prepare to go anywhere after I announce we are actually ready to leave the house.

But, as I've decided to focus on the positive for now, I can say that we definitely had a fun last week of January. In addition to our regular activities (preschool, teaching flute lessons, taking every single toy out of its proper location and throwing it all around the entire first floor of the house before mommy declares the house a national disaster zone and orders a mandatory reorganization, grocery shopping, meal planning, listening to non-stop ear piercing renditions of "Pants on the Ground" by a two and four year old thanks to Grandma's careful musical instruction the week before, meal preparing, cleaning, etc...), I also decided to take the kids to an indoor play park in our community.

Although Zach does not usually enjoy the indoor play park experience, often shying away from the large equipment, labeling the dark enclosed plastic tubes as "scary," he was willing to take a few more risks at Terry Time Adventure Park. Granted, his bravery was probably more due to the fact that I was able to maneuver through the maze of plastic tubes, rope bridges, and slides along with him, but regardless, I was glad that he was able to finally enjoy himself.

It goes without saying that Allie had the time of her life, racing through the place and screeching like I had fed her a hot fudge sundae for breakfast and she needed to expend some pent up sugar energy. Her only complaint was that it was kind of boring. Boring? Well, only boring because upon our arrival at 9:30 am we were the only ones there playing until 10:20 am when a mom's group filtered in along with their toddler kids who finally provided the new friends that Allie fully expects to play with when we go to any public park facility.

After a cheap $3 snack of popcorn and juice boxes, we headed back home where the overly exhausted kids took a nice long nap while the equally exhuasted mommy flopped herself on the couch with a mindless novel in hand.

Still in shock by the cleanliness of the new and improved Adventure Park (apparently it closed some time last year and is now under new ownership...thank goodness-because we have visited there in the past and Allie contracted some nasty aweful puking illness that landed us in the ER. Yes, I'm sure I blogged about it, but I'm just too lazy to go back through the archives to find the particular post and link up), I decided we will definitely be heading back a few more times before the weather gets nice enough for us to run in circles in the backyard without the risk of frostbite.

Last week I also had the rare privilege to go on a mommy alone date (well, not officially alone because I went with another one of my friends who also happens to be a mommy of two). In addition to talking uninterrupted about all things flute, music, church, and parenting of dramatic and emotional 4-year old girls (to name just a few know how it is when two gals get together without the demands of kids), we sat for 2 hours without having to referee fights over toys or having to pour glasses of water or hand out graham crackers to our starving children, and listened to the MN Orchestra's stellar performance of all things Debussy. It was nothing short of wonderful.

And, then somehow, January was gone. Actually, we did have a pretty exciting weekend. But, I'll have to leave you in anticipation for that upcoming post. There's a full fledged fight going on in my living room that is in serious need of a referee.

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