Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kalahari Recap

Our family vacation last week to Wisconsin Dells to stay in the Kalahari Resort was officially a huge success! Because it was our first ever family vacation with just the four of us (most of our vacations have been with extended family), both Ben and I were a little hesitant about how things would go. We knew that the kids would have fun, but we just weren't sure how much fun we'd have managing our over tired, over sugared, and over stimulated kids all by ourselves without the help of grandmas, grandpas, aunts, or uncles.

However, I'm happy to report that we all had an equally fun time! Although the kids definitely had their more difficult moments, for the most part they were incredibly well behaved and definitely had the time of their lives.

At home I usually keep the kids on a pretty structured schedule, but at Kalahari all schedules went out the window. We stayed up late, we slept in late, we swam and went down water slides to our heart's content, we didn't get around to eating lunch until late, we completely skipped all nap times, we watched TONS of cartoons, we had dessert every single night, we ate pizza until we couldn't breathe, we said 'yes' to most all of the kids' requests, and we all just enjoyed having fun together.

Because, at the last minute, we decided to leave a day early for our vacation, we had two rooms for the duration of our stay. Although the first room was nice, we all preferred the second room because it was closer to the main lobby of the hotel, most of the restaurants, and all the water park action. In addition to the water park, Kalahari also has a nice indoor theme park that we were able to take advantage of thanks to a great deal on a room package (complete with dinner vouchers, breakfast voucher, free bowling games, and theme park passes) we were able to snag as part of a February sales promo.

On Friday, it was quite apparent that both the kids were sad to see the vacation come to an end. Allie spent the majority of the day trying to convince us that we should just pick up and move to Kalahari permanently and Zach, upon the mere mention of the word "Kalahari," immediately responded, "Go back there now!"

Although a permanent move to WI Dells is not in our anticipated future plans, I do think that we will definitely consider visiting Kalahari again!

Here are both kids on the first of many animal sculptures at the hotel:
I'm quite certain that there is nothing cuter than 2-year old chubby feet crammed into a pair of Lightening McQueen flip flops. Note the matching Lightening McQueen swimsuit (as well as the coordinating Lightening McQueen shirt that is not pictured).

Here is Allie on our first day, prior to going to the water park. Can you tell she's a little excited?

Note Allie's excitement and Zach's hesitation in the picture below. Although Allie was a fan of the water slides from the beginning, it took Zach longer to warm up to the whole fling-my-body-down-a-wet-tube-into-splashing-water-below idea. However, by the end of vacation, Zach couldn't get enough of the raft slides, proclaiming at the end of each one..."DO IT AGAIN!"

And, here we have the kids riding a gorilla outside one of the restaurants in the hotel's lobby:
This would be a picture of Zach kissing the gorilla. He now has a cold. Hmmm...wonder why that would be?

Striking another pose in the hotel's lobby:
Here's some shots of Allie, our self proclaimed mermaid, frolicking in the water:

And, here's Zach. This was still the first day, so Ben was trying to convince him that the slide would be fun. We spent a lot of that first day in the lazy river together...which he loved. However, he did not like getting splashed by the waterfalls while sucking his thumb and lounging across me and the tube, so instead of lounging myself, I was constantly trying to steer us away from all the water hazards.

Here's when Zach finally decided he LOVED water slides!

See...he's arching his back because he doesn't want to get out of the raft!

After a day full of activities, Zach was completely zonked out in 2 seconds flat: Everyday, there was free cookies to decorate in the lobby. Here is Allie's creation:
And, what would a true vacation be without yummy dessert? Allie and Zach both picked these chocolate covered marshmallow pops from the candy shop in the lobby.

What a fun vacation. I guess I'm a little sad that it's already over too. Maybe we should just pick up and move there after all.

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