Friday, February 26, 2010

The Potty Training Chronicles: Volume 2, Days 6 & 7

I sat down with the intent to write a post about something other than potty training, but...

I've got nothin'.

This whole potty training business has really taken up the majority of my time and energy lately, so consequently, that is all I have on my mind at the present moment.

Although yesterday was not a good day on the potty training front (mostly due to the fact that he wore a pull-up all morning while we were visiting a local MOPS meeting and absolutely refused to go back to underwear when we got home....oh yes....I definitely forced the issue, but believe me, he was none too happy with me and went on to show his displeasure by peeing 3 times in his underwear within a 15 minute period), today has gone fabulously! In addition to having not one single accident yet today (knock on wood), he also spent a good 45 minutes on the potty chair in an effort to produce his second big ole' Number 2! Wooo hooo!

I brought up the potty chair from our basement storage area a couple days ago because we were having issues with both kids needing to go at the same time. Even though it is a pain to clean out, I so prefer washing out the basin of the potty chair to changing nasty diapers. Plus, Zach seems to have much more success on the potty chair rather than the toilet...which is absolutely fine by me. As long as his underpants are dry and there's not pee all over the floor, I'm happy.

In celebration of a week of potty training success, we are going out to dinner tonight at our favorite pizza place--yay! I just hope the waitress doesn't ask if we are celebrating a special occasion because I'm almost certain Allie will recount the week's most important events. And, although I'm a pretty open person, I'm just not quite sure I want everyone in the restaurant to hear about Zach's poop. That's what I have a blog for, right?

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