Thursday, March 18, 2010

Random Thoughts for Today

I love Spring. I am fully aware of the fact that we live in Minnesota and our 60 degree days in March are numbered, but any day that I can spend over three hours outside in a t-shirt and jeans watching the kids run around the back yard until their legs don't function anymore and they have to move on to more peaceful activities such as decorating the entirety of our cement porch with pastel-colored chalk, is a great day in my book.
Ben decided to work from home part of the day today in an effort to also spend some time painting the downstairs bedroom. Since painting a room is far more effective minus two kids, I'm corralling the troops in our back yard while I work on my Minnesotan March tan (which basically consists of a bleak attempt to rid the pasty white pigment from my forearms, neck, and face).
Do you know what happened to me last night? It really shouldn't come as a big surprise to me, seeing as every single time we go into a restaurant together as a family the child that chooses to sit next to me ends up being either the most poorly behaved or completely accident prone, but I was still caught off guard by the whole ordeal. I mean, really, is there any way to recover from having an entire cup of chocolate milk dumped all over you in the middle of a restaurant, leaving your clothes a brown soggy mess and the ends of your hair sticky with remnants of chocolate milk goo that you were unable to adequately clean with the two measly napkins allotted to your table? In her defense, it was an accident and Allie was completely mortified by the fact that it even occurred. But, still. Yuck. Oh...and I neglected to mention that not a single drop of the spilled chocolate milk landed on Allie. All of it. On me.
So, Zach just ran up to me and his entire face, arms, and shirt are completely covered in dirt. It seems he has taken to going down the slide, head first, and is landing face first in the mud pit that has become the end of our slide. Let's just say I'll never have to wander again what my two year old will look like all grown up with a five o'clock shadow. There he goes again...face planting in the mud and laughing hysterically. And, he just convinced Allie to take a shot at it too. I foresee baths in the near future.
~ make this post even more random...I'm in a total food rut. I just can't come up with any new ideas for dinner lately. There's a pound of ground beef defrosting in the fridge and that is about as far as I've gotten today. Anyone have any tips for finding new and healthy recipes? Our family isn't too adventurous, preferring mostly home cooking (as opposed to gourmet cooking where I can't identify half of the ingredients in the recipe let alone find them in the grocery store), and is not into anything fish or seafood related. I also usually like to stick with recipes that include nutritional information as well so that I can keep myself in check. Anyone have any ideas? I'm definitely getting desperate here.
Anyway, it looks like the mud sliding has temporarily come to an end and I'm thinking it would be a good idea to start solving this dinner dilemma before the kids get too hungry (or before I decide it would be a good idea to consume peanut butter alone for dinner). If you made it to the end of this post, I commend you. Bravo for your attempt to follow my meandering and seemingly unrelated thought process. Until next time....


Cindy @The Flipping Couple said...

Have you tried It's the Pioneer Woman's community site and so far all the recipes I've tried off of it ave been fairly simple and very tasty. I also use for simple recipe searching. I'm pretty sure they have nutritional info for their recipes.

Be sure to share whatever you find because I'm always looking for something new!

Ames said...

Look what popped up in my reader today :)

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