Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kids' New Rooms

First of all, thanks for all the congratulatory comments you left on my previous post. It was fun to read all the kind words and well wishes from all ten of my blog readers.
Honestly, I'm glad the secret is finally out. Not that it was really a secret or anything (as evidenced by the fact that I told far too many people for it to be a genuine secret and apparently let a few things slip in previous posts that led many of my friends to guess that something was up anyway), but I just thought it best to wait until after my first OB appointment before declaring our news to the whole blogging world. So yesterday, after seeing our newest little peanut on the ultrasound screen, complete with a strong heartbeat, I couldn't wait to get home to officially declare the news.
Anyway, I promise to do a post soon catching up on the pregnancy and how we told the kids, but for now the sheer exhaustion that comes with those first 3 months of pregnancy is leaving me with little to no clarity of thought for composing a coherent post and I seriously just want to take a nap. Thankfully, I think I'm through the worst of the nausea. Although I never threw up (and actually haven't thrown up in about 10 years), I did have about a 2 and a half week period where I felt crummy 24/7 and thought I would never again enjoy the taste of any food whatsoever.
Despite the crummy-ness, we have been busy around the house with the kids' room switch. And, yes, the main reason for the room switch is the new baby. And, yes, I do realize that we still have approximately a half a year before the baby arrives and that the room switching did not need to be done this early. But, what can I say? I'm a bit of a crazy planner and Ben was up for a project. Plus, we found an awesome deal on some bedroom furniture for Zach on Craigslist that we couldn't pass up.
So, with all the materials in hand, we endeavored to change our basement guest bedroom into Allie's room and Allie's old room became Zach's, leaving Zach's old room free to become the nursery once again. Although we did toss around the idea of having the baby share a room with his or her same sex sibling or have Allie and Zach share a room, we decided upon converting the guest bedroom mainly because we never use the guest bedroom. It is a room in our house that housed a queen sized bed that was never used. So, we decided our growing family definitely needed to utilize every square foot of our house. And, after one night in her new room, it was apparent we made the right choice. Allie absolutely LOVES it. And, I must admit, if I were a 4 year old girl, I would definitely love it too.

Zach is also pretty enamored by his new race car bedroom. He has adjusted well to the big bed (as opposed to the toddler bed), but we had to put rails on it after the first night when we heard him crying and found him on the floor, halfway underneath his bed, declaring he was stuck.

So, that's the scoop on the kids' new bedrooms. I'm actually thankful we got it done early, so now I can focus on sorting through all of our packed away baby gear and getting the baby's room in order. Plus, I'm glad that both kids will be completely adjusted to their new living quarters well before baby arrives. I'm hoping this will really help with the transition, even though I'm sure there will be other hurdles that will arise.
Like, for instance....if the baby is a boy....because Allie is pretty much set on having a sister...and only a sister...because she already has a brother and does not want another one. Or, when she finally comes to terms with the fact that she does not get naming rights to the baby either (mainly because I refuse to name any daughter of mine "Princess Tiana"). I think we have some fun days ahead of us!

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Susan said...

My niece let her 13 year old daughter name her new baby sister - and as a result we now have a Hermione in the family. Mainly because big sister loves the Harry Potter novels.