Sunday, April 18, 2010

More Funny Things My Kids Say

I know I probably write way too much about the funny things my kids say, but they say so many hilarious things that make Ben and I laugh everyday that I'm afraid if I don't write them down, I'll forget about them. And, I know I may be the only one laughing out loud every time Zach calls his flip-flops "crip-crops," but I want to remember how I purposefully pick out flip-flops for him to wear just so I can hear him say "crip-crop" one more time before he learns how to say the words with the correct 'f" syllable at the beginning (actually, as I am typing this, Zach is requesting to wear his "flip-craps" to church...hmmm...the evolution of this particular phrase is becoming quite interesting). Not to mention, it cracks me up that Zach refuses to be called a girl or a boy because he is neither, he is "Zackers" and is already insisting that he is 3 years old, and definitely not merely 2. Oh, and I believe yesterday on a walk around our neighborhood Zach pointed to a grouping of tulips and proclaimed there were "olives" growing out of the ground. Olives? I don't quite get it, but we all laughed.
Although Zach definitely has his fair share of funny sayings, Allie by far takes the cake in speech blunders due to the fact that she talks at least 5 times as much as Zach so she has plenty more opportunities for word slips or sharing just a bit too much information with those around her. We are still working on reminding her that we probably shouldn't talk about bodily functions (especially when, where, and how much our last poop occurred) in public. Also, Ben and I are still cracking up about the fact that when we first told her that we were going to have a new baby at home, she looked at us very puzzled and disappointingly remarked, "BUT, I REALLY WANTED A PUPPY!" We are still unsure how she came to the conclusion that we were either getting a baby or a puppy because we don't ever remember promising anything of the sort, but her reaction was honest to goodness shock and it was nothing short of hilarious.
The best, though, by far occurred Friday night while celebrating my mom's birthday at one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Mama Maria's (which is actually funny in and of itself since we have a neighbor girl named Maria whom Zach now affectionately calls "Mama Maria" after going to this particular restaurant). Anyway, Allie overheard one of the waitresses call me "Ma'am" and asked me what it meant. Since I was slightly irritated that I have somehow matured to a "Ma'am" status over the younger and more preferred "Miss" label, I told Allie that "Ma'am" meant that I was an old woman. Allie, not happy at all about someone calling her mother an old woman, proceeded to inform the waitress that it was her Grandma's birthday today and that Grandma was actually the old woman, not her mother. I think she repeated it a couple times to ensure that the waitress actually got the point before we all started laughing.
So, those are the most recent laughable moments of our week. I'm sure there will be more to come and for that I'm thankful. I can definitely always use a good laugh!


Susan said...

My son could not say his sister's name correctly - so instead he called bzthith (Elizabeth). She didn't like it but grew to accept it. Eventually, he learned to say her name correctly. Yet no one actually noticed when he started saying it correctly. We just suddenly realized he was. It made me sad to realize another step towards adulthood had been taken.

Your blog brings back wonderful warm memories. Thanks for sharing.

Susan said...
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lsalsa said...

I love the "crip-crops"! We "rocks" instead of Crocks! I need to get that down. There is another one, that was absolutely priceless and I know I wrote it down, but for the life of me can't remember right now. One I can remember was everything that started with an 'M', was the 'B' sound, so I was Bobby for awhile!

Allison said...

There's no such thing as posting too many cute things your kids say!