Sunday, May 16, 2010

May Fest

A little over a week ago, Allie had her end of the year celebration/party/fundraiser for her preschool (yes, I am indeed late at documenting this event as well). In addition to her class singing several songs for the parents, there was also a book fair, pizza party, bake sale, silent auction, blow-up jumping castles for the kids, and carnival games.
Both kids had a blast with the food and games and Allie had her opportunity to shine in the spotlight while singing the songs she's been practicing since Christmas (How do I know it has been that long? Because I had every single song memorized due to the fact that I have heard them being sung daily for at least the past 5 months).

And, you know how when you go to those cute kids' musical programs and you can always pick out the kid with the loudest voice, providing you a good laugh because they are also the ones with the most grandiose hand movements who never fail to wave to their parents between every single song? I can now say that I am officially the proud mother of one of those children whose voice can be heard above all others.

See, don't we look ecstatic? (And, just in case you were wondering, Zach has a lady bug painted on his face. Nevermind that the face painting lady also offered to paint him a race car or a know, perhaps something a little more masculine. Nope, he emphatically insisted upon a lady bug).

At the end of the program, all the kids were presented with their end of the year gift: a plate that they had made a few weeks before. Allie was so proud of her personally designed plate.
In fact, I was also quite impressed by the detail of the picture she created...especially when I counted the people and realized she had included 5 in her depiction. Of course, I assumed the 5th member of the group was our new baby. Afterall, there was a picture of Daddy with one eyebrow (done on purpose because he is apparently making a certain weird winking/scowling type of face), a picture of Zach with no arms, a picture of Mommy complete with eyelashes, a picture of Allie standing right next to Mommy, and a cute little picture of our baby complete with a hat. I'm still uncertain as to why the boys were the only people to warrant hair growth on their heads, or why there are two sheep, a leaf, a tree, some birds, and two suns in our family portrait, but I was officially touched that she remembered to include our baby.
So, imagine my surprise when I inquired about the baby and discoverd that it wasn't our baby at all. Nope. It is a baker. With a baker's hat. Because Mayfest has a bake sale and there had to be a baker present in our picture.

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Soccerbelle said...

I was the mother of that loud singing child as well - twice! Both of mine loved music.

(btw - you look beautiful in your picture!)