Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day

Do not be confused by the title of this have not miraculously traveled back in time one week nor have you forgotten to check my blog for an entire week *gasp*.
Yes, I am indeed a week late in posting about our Mother's Day festivities and am probably the only blogger left out there who refuses to just let the holiday recap slide this year for fear that in five years when I want to look back and see what we did to celebrate Mother's Day 2010 I absolutely do not want to see that it went uncelebrated...because, seriously, when have I ever let any holiday go uncelebrated?!
I basically have no other excuse for my tardiness other than the weather. The crazy weather, you see, that decided to remain in the 40's whilst pouring down rain for the majority of the week (resulting in two very stir crazy kids and one extremely stir crazy mama who had little to no motivation to do anything other than wallow in the realization that March had made it's reappearance in mid May) and then decided to turn completely sunny and in the mid-upper 70's by Friday (resulting in our impromptu family trip to Como Zoo on Friday where the kids rode the choo-choo train no less than 5 times and where I got to witness an 80-year old woman back her car right into Ben's truck without her ever even realizing she had hit anything--don't worry, no damage was done). Anyway, obviously the gloomy weather does not supply me with any motivation or inspiration to record the events of our life and when the weather does get nice outside, I am definitely not in the mood to stay inside and blog about it (except for days like today when I finally realize that I better post about Mother's Day ASAP before Father's Day comes I take my laptop outside with me while the kids run around the yard like hooligans to get the task done).
Now, on to the topic at hand...Mother's Day was fantastic. While I indulged in a spa pedicure on Saturday, the kids and Ben picked out some candles and these beautiful flowers for me (that are still alive one week later):

I am pretty sure one of my favorite things about Mother's Day has become the cute little things the kids make for me. This year at preschool Allie made me a card (with a picture of her and me inside) and this flower pot, complete with a mum that she planted (unfortunately, the mum died 2 days later before it could be transplanted outside in our garden):

This year at ECFE, Zach immortalized his little hand prints in orange ink for me to treasure always:

We had a pretty low-key day on Mother's Day. We went out to breakfast at IHOP before church as a special treat and then after church we enjoyed the beautiful weather hanging out in the backyard before my parents came over for a grilled steak dinner. I loved being able to spend time with my family and also have the excuse to not do dishes or laundry for the day! In fact, I'm already trying to figure out how I can make the whole no dishes/no laundry thing a weekly affair. And if that doesn't work, I'll just begin my countdown to Mother's Day 2011 a little early.

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