Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty, Pretty Princess

A rousing family game night of Pretty, Pretty Princess is always fun.

Getting the crown, though, is always the most exciting part.

And, yes, it always seems that Allie wins.

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Soccerbelle said...

The picture of Zach with all the jewelry is priceless! I have very similar pictures of my son - he has an older sister as well - and we played this game quite a bit.

Danielle & Vandenn said...

Poor Zach. All of the embarrassing pictures he'll have to show his friends when he's older. :)

Jen D said...

I go from feeling bad for Zach to laughing hysterically at all that Allie persuades him to try. I remember my sister and I getting my brother to do some pretty girly things too, but unfortunately there is no photographic evidence! I'm glad it seems like I'm not the only parent with embarassing pictures of their son in dress up garb :)