Sunday, May 2, 2010

Tea Party

One of Allie's favorite book series is the Fancy Nancy collection. She has always been enamored by Nancy's uncanny ability to accessorize even the most mundane of daily activities. For the past week Allie has been begging to throw a tea party "Fancy Nancy" style. In fact, Allie is even the proud owner of one particular Fancy Nancy book that outlines specific instructions for throwing a proper tea party.
So, last Tuesday after dinner Allie and I sat down and made a list of all the things we would need to throw the tea party. We headed to Michael's to pick up the necessary supplies and spent over 3 hours on Wednesday morning creating the place mats, flatware, cups, plates (complete with doilies!), and centerpiece needed for an authentic Fancy Nancy tea party. Zach even got in on some of the action...that is, until he lost interest and went to play with his Thomas train set instead.

After lots of hot glue, craft glue, decorative paper, and literally hundreds of shiny gems in the shape of everything from dolphins to hearts, we completed the place settings for our party. That evening, after dinner, Allie helped me put together our appetizers: string cheese bites, personal gorp cups, grapes, donut bites, and vanilla wafers topped with cool whip and strawberries. And, since EVERYTHING tastes better when pierced with a frilly toothpick, we made sure that most of the food items were toothpick piercable. Because tea is not one of Allie's favorites, we opted for raspberry lemonade as our choice beverage (plus, raspberry lemonade is pink...which is really all that Allie was concerned about).


Allie loved playing hostess at the party and even made sure to serve each one of her guests before herself.

She also followed Fancy Nancy's advice regarding appropriate etiquette when necessary and managed to finish the entire party with not one morsel of food on her face.

The same could not be said for all of the guests in attendance.

It was a fun evening and Allie is already in the planning stages of our next family tea party. (Thankfully, all gem-encrusted items were saved to ensure a shorter preparation the next time around.)

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