Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

What a gorgeous week we are having! The kids and I have spent the majority of our free time hanging out in the backyard despite the horrendous headache that plagued me for 3 days straight. Thankfully, I woke up this morning to find that it had miraculously (and finally) disappeared. I'm not one to usually complain about the typical headache (because I used to get migraines a lot as a I definitely know what a terrible headache is), but this one was pretty brutal.
Unfortunately, all I could really take to help remedy the throbbing pain in my skull was Tylenol (which pretty much did absolutely nothing for me) so I was ultra thankful for the nice weather and ability to be outside so that the kids voices that seem to echo unbearably loudly between my ears while confined in our home were able to carry outside where the screaming, screeching, yelling, and hollering doesn't seem to grate on my nerves nearly as much. Plus, I was able to get a start on a mighty fine tan, if I do say so myself.
Another great benefit of great weather: the grill. And, since I wasn't in that much of a mood to cook dinner this week at all (the whole throbbing headache did nothing for my motivation to carry out my normal daily duties), we grilled out every night this week. And, by we, I mean that Ben manned the grill and meat while I managed to concoct quick and easy side dishes with minimal to no effort.
I've also been on plant watering duty this week as we managed to replace all (ok, so it was actually only 3) of the perennials that somehow did not manage to survive the Minnesota winter this year and our potted annuals that we planted last Saturday. Every year I always get myself all psyched up to pick out the flowers and put them in the ground. With each new spring I'm convinced that I will fall in love with gardening.
But, then, after planting a mere 2 plants, I come to realize that no matter how much I want to love gardening, it is just not bound to happen for least not just yet. Somewhere in between breaking up the rock hard dirt, mixing in fertilizer, informing the kids that they absolutely cannot eat the dirt, taking the plant out of its plastic container, breaking up the roots, reminding the kids that they really shouldn't be pushing each other down on the ground or hitting one another with sand toys, securing the plant in the soil, covering it with dirt, rescuing my 2 year old who can't seem to remember that the last time he hung from the monkey bar rings on the swing set by himself that he actually fell flat on his face where he split his lip open and was covered in blood, and watering the newly planted flower, I just sort of lose all enthusiasm for the task and just wish someone else would do it for me. That's usually when Ben swoops in and finishes the job and I vow that I will never EVER become a least until the next Spring rolls around and I just know it will be the year I will fall in love with gardening at last.
Anyway, speaking of Ben, we're awfully proud of him around here lately as he will be starting a new job! He is finishing up at his current place of employment tomorrow and plans to take most of next week off before beginning his new job on Friday. Although it has been a little sad for him to say goodbye to the coworkers he's gotten to know fairly well over the past 5 years, he is definitely excited for the fresh and new opportunity that is in front of him. I'm not sure the kids quite understand what is all going on with Daddy's work, but they definitely do understand that we will be having a long "weekend" next week and they are very excited about the prospect of lots of fun family time....and a day spent with Grandma so that Mommy and Daddy can get some much needed errands run without the kids in tow.
I believe that covers all the random thoughts I'm having at the moment. Plus, it appears Zach is once again attempting to scale the monkey bar rings...I'm pretty sure he'll never learn....I better rescue him before more blood is spilt.


Michelle said...

Yay for Ben's new job!!! I bet you guys are super excited!! Is this the one with the longer commute though?

I totally laughed at your gardening musings:) I love gardening, but somehow it has taken on a whole new twist with children in the picture (ie. plant everything as quickly as possible to avoid as little destruction of said plants and mom's emotional stability as possible:)

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