Monday, May 3, 2010

Vehicle Day

This past weekend we participated in our second "Vehicle Day" sponsored by
Zach's ECFE program. We got there early (which was a very good thing because it became quickly crowded!) so we were able to see and sit in most of the vehicles before the lines got too long. It was a very windy day, but the kids managed to have a good time despite being almost blown away on a few occasions.
Some of the biggest hits were the motorcycle and the race car:

Another favorite of Zach's was the garbage truck. One of his favorite books right now is "I STINK!" which is about a garbage truck. He was thrilled to be able to sit in the truck and be able to see how the compacter works.

The police car and city bus were also big hits with both kids as were the "Chip Mack" (otherwise known as the Frito-Lay transport truck affectionately named "Chip Mack" for it's likeness to Mack from Cars and the fact that there were pictures of chips on the trailer) that handed out free Cheetos and the Scholastic truck that handed out a whole bag of free loot.


After our fun morning perusing all the vehicles, we headed to Home Depot to pick up softener salt and were pleasantly surprised that the kid workshop was still taking place. We thought for sure we'd be there too late, so both kids were elated to learn that they would still be able to make a project. Although this week's project was a planter in the shape of a wooden chair, Zach continues to insist that he made a "potty" because the pot of the planter is located beneath the
sea at of the chair. And, honestly, it does look more like a doll-sized potty than a planter.


So, that pretty much wraps up the excitement of our weekend. Unless you count the fact that we grilled steaks on Saturday night for dinner, but the propane to the gas grill ran out so Ben actually cooked the remainder of the steaks on the stove...without my help...and we were all actually able to eat the final product. Or, the fact that we stayed up late (and by late, I mean past 10:15 p.m.) on Saturday night to watch "Sherlock Holmes," but I still can't tell you for the life of me what the movie was about or if it was even good because I fell asleep approximately an hour into it (and, yes, that would put my bed time at approximately 9:00 p.m.). See...definite excitement here...aren't you jealous?

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Andrea said...

I would recommend a 2nd shot at the movie, I liked it very much!

Jen D said...

I've heard it was a good movie, so I think I'll definitely have to give it another try...but, maybe when I'm not so tired :)