Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Birthday

This past Friday I celebrated my 29th birthday. I can barely believe I'm just 1 short year away from turning 30. There is just something about that number 30 that seems so surreal to me. I can still remember when my mom turned 30 and it didn't seem possible to me that I would ever be that old, especially since it had already taken forever for me to reach double age digits.
But, somehow, those days that seemed to pass so slowly as a kid suddenly sped up and melted into months which morphed into years which oddly turned into decades, and now, within just a blink of an eye, I'm suddenly on the verge of beginning my third decade of life. I know it probably seems silly to think of 30 as old, (especially since I'm sure that when I actually do get old I will be reminiscing about my younger days when I was 30), but it feels old to me all the same, and so for that reason I am just going to table the whole turning 30 discussion until I actually do turn 30...which is still a year away.
Anyway, my 29th birthday was great! It began with breakfast and presents with Ben and the kids. I was first given a Princess Tiana birthday card (complete with music upon opening).

I also opened a variety of bubble baths and a brand new camera. Although I love our current camera, it is large and cumbersome to carry on our many outings, so I often leave it behind and do not take any pictures of our adventures. This new camera is much smaller (it can actually fit in my pocket) and it will definitely be easier to use when I'm out and about with the kids. Plus, it also fits nicely in the new purse that my parents, brother, and sister and brother in law got for me (yes, this purse is still large enough to house a small canine, but is much easier on the eyes than my old monstrosity of a bag I purchased a few months ago at Kohl's for $10, but is already worn out).

The kids were more than happy to spend my birthday with me:

We ran a few errands (Target and grocery store) and they even went out for lunch with me at Panera (because the birthday mom really did not feel like preparing any food whatsoever on her birthday).

I also received another pleasant birthday surprise:

Both kids actually SLEPT during rest time on Friday! The kids are finally to the age where they rarely sleep during nap time, so I was especially thankful for a longer and more quiet afternoon than normal.
After Ben got home from work, we met my mom, dad, and brother for pizza at Boston's. We also indulged in one of my favorite desserts: Boston Cream Pie. Yum!
It was definitely a fun birthday, but then again, birthdays are always fun (even if they do mark your 30th one)!

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