Saturday, June 5, 2010

Remembering Allie's First Year of Preschool

That's right...we've officially made it through the first week of summer vacation sans preschool unscathed. And, although the absence of her twice a week mornings away from home proved somewhat difficult for Allie's outgoing and social personality, a trip to the indoor play ground where she instantly made two new friends on a gloomy Wednesday (followed by a lunch date with Zach and Mom at Mickey D's for Happy Meals) and an impromptu play date with one of Allie's gal pals at a park on a sunny Thursday seemed to satisfy her desire for out of the house entertainment and socialization.
We are still lamenting and working through the emotional turmoil that comes along with a 4-year old's sadness over the fact that her beloved Mrs. Karin (below)....

...and Mrs. Jody (below)
are no longer her teachers as she has graduated from the Green Class and will be a student in the Blue Class beginning in September.
Allie will always remember her first year of preschool fondly, whether it be by recounting her adventures with her "best friend" Josh (a cute little blond-haired five year old that was completely smitten by Allie), by paging through her folder of art projects and worksheets she completed throughout the year, or by singing one of several songs taught to her by her teachers.
Thankfully for us, not one single lyric or hand motion from all the preschool songs that have been packed into her little brain over the course of the past nine months will be forgotten. In fact, even though the following pictures were taken during Allie's last day of preschool musical program, some of the same images can be spotted at the dinner table almost nightly (and Zach already has a jump start on his preschool career as Allie has taught him each and every song too).

So, although endings can be sad at times as we remember all the fun times we had--knowing that things will never quite be the same again--we still must say goodbye to our first year of preschool, happily anticipating a summer full of adventures and a new preschool year to begin in the Fall.
(As a side note...I'm thinking it might be a tad bit more difficult to see Allie graduate preschool next year...I mean, I can completely handle Allie being done with one year of preschool and progressing to another, but KINDERGARTEN?! Let's just not go there yet....)


怡潔向霖 said...

you look nice in that color!............................................................

Soccerbelle said...

oh dear. My youngest is graduating HIGH SCHOOL in one week. I think the hardest part of being a mom is letting go . . . .