Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Outings

Since our gloomy and rainy (and also way too cool for June) beginning of the week finally gave way to sun and balmy temperatures yesterday afternoon (yes, in Minnesota, anything above 80 is classified as balmy), it was time for us to get ourselves out of the house and participate in some summery activities.
Yesterday I took the kids swimming at the local pool. I was a little apprehensive about the endeavor, knowing that both kids had to stay close to me since neither one of them can truly swim (don't tell Allie that, though), but I was pleasantly surprised at how well they stayed with me and actually listened to my instructions for the majority of our time there. However, I should have anticipated that approximately 2.5 hours of non-stop flailing in the water under rays of sweltering sun would result in the kids' inability to mentally process any instruction from an adult (especially an adult that is their mother) without some type of complete rejection and a full-out emotional breakdown.
So, after one such meltdown and Zach's accidental head first fall down the steps of the kiddie water slide, we called it a day. And, would you believe that I'm already contemplating going back tomorrow? Call me crazy, but we do have season passes, and where else can you completely wear your kids out to such an extent that they are actually begging to go to bed by 7:15 pm?
Today, we took advantage of the great weather by heading out to Como Park and Zoo in St. Paul (where apparently everyone else in the greater Twin Cities area also decided to spend the day today). The kids were especially excited to see the new polar bear exhibit, but were disappointed to learn that there was no actual snow in the new polar bear habitat.
We also waited approximately 37 minutes in mostly direct sunlight for the no more than 13 minute Sparky the Sea Lion show. While we munched away on the picnic lunch I packed, waiting patiently for Sparky to make her appearance, I was reminded just how miserable the combination of pregnancy and summer heat can be, but was thankful that the excess fluid usually retained in my ankles obviously made its way out of every pore of my body in the form of sweat.
We had fun walking through the zoo and gardens, making sure to take a short break for some ICEEs to cool off. And...I actually managed to use my new mini-sized camera to snag the below pictures.
(Umm...can you tell from the above picture that Zach was not feeling especially photogenic today??)
(However, he didn't mind pointing out the fact that we have these petunias in our backyard!)

(Allie had absolutely no objections posing for a few glamour shots)

(The closest thing to a smile that I was able to capture from Zach...even though he actually had a fun time!)

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