Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Swimming

In our kids' opinions, one of the best things about summertime is swimming. Whether it be in one of the 3 back yard swimming apparatuses we have acquired over the past four and a half years (ummm...still not quite sure how that happened; however, it probably has something to do with us thinking the pools had leaks or holes in them), in Grandma and Grandpa's private neighborhood swimming pool, in the lake, at the splash pad, at one of several chlorinated sandy beach swim ponds we have in our area, or the public pool just down the street, both kids never seem to tire of frolicking the day away in the water.
Over the Memorial Day weekend we set up the blow up pools for the first time this season and spent all day long splashing and relaxing in our very own backyard. The kids could not have been happier...
zooming down the slide and splashing into the water below,
chillin' out and cooling off in the water spray,
and splashing one another (and sometimes Mom and Dad--fortunately, Ben and I were armed with squirt guns for retaliation in such instances...although, I quickly switched to a sand pail that I filled to the brim with water and dumped on any child who splashed me above the knees).
Do not be fooled by Zach's less-than-enthusiastic expression. He actually had a great time, but was adamant about not wanting his picture taken and refused to crack even the smallest of grins if the camera was pointed even remotely in his direction.
I'm sure this was just the first of many days this summer we will spend soaking up the sun and splashing in our own backyard.
Special thanks to Daddy who manned the air pump and backyard garden hose.

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