Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Trip to Wisconsin

We have officially ended all planned summer traveling with our safe arrival back home from the road trip to see my sister and brother-in-law's new hometown of Sheboygan WI this past Saturday...and I couldn't be happier. I have been looking forward tothis trip all summer, but a few hours into the drive when I realized the swelling in my ankles and legs (that has been absent from this pregnancy so far, but decided to rear it's ugly head on our day of departure) was nothing in comparison to the inability to visit a bathroom on a moment's notice (causing subsequent gritting of my teeth while my newest darling daughter decided to use my bladder as a punching bag), I remembered all too clearly why I had sworn off all extended road trips after, oh...say...week 25 of pregnancy.
Add to the discomforts of pregnancy, a feverish Zackers in tow, and you have the combination for a perfect road trip, right? Actually, in all honesty, the trip went fairly smoothly. It seems the children's Tylenol and ibuprofen in addition to approximately 6.5 hours of in-van movie viewing provided the miraculous healing Zach needed, causing a much happier and healthier version of the little boy to awaken the next morning.
However, what I should have been more concerned about was the trip home...after both kids had experienced two days of non-stop fun with Aunt Stephanie (and Uncle Chris after he returned from work each night) with no nap time interruptions, leaving them over tired with no desire to return to our home. Fortunately, the worst of the meltdown occurred after I dropped my Mom off at her home (they live about 45 minutes away from us) and only lasted approximately 30 minutes before it ended in a complete surrender to unconsciousness (in the form of sleep...FINALLY).
Despite the "unpleasantness" that often comes along with over-tired kids away from home, we were able to have a really fun time. We spent the rainiest of the two days helping Stephanie hang some pictures in her apartment and even accompanied her shopping to add to her home decor. We were thankful for the peaks of sun the next day that enabled us to take the 50-minute trip up to Green Bay to visit Bay Beach where the kids got to ride 25-cent kiddie rides and see tons of wildlife at the nature preserve.

(Zach did actually enjoy ALL the's just that he is going through this stage where he absolutely HATES his picture taken. If he doesn't look away, he usually has some sort of scowl on his face. I'm slightly concerned that he is going to one day look back at his life as a 2-year old and think he led a pretty miserable existence)
We ended our stay with a grand tour of Sheboygan where we spent some time playing at the beach and even took a dip in Lake Michigan. Of course we did not have our swimsuits along with us at the time, so I was merely anticipating dipping our feet in the icy water, but apparently my two children have never seen an ocean before and ended up completely soaked from the waist down...which provided us all with a good laugh and a load of laundry to do that evening. As a side note, my kids have actually never seen a true ocean before, but do not tell them that. Allie insists Lake Superior and Lake Michigan are indeed oceans. I mean, they have waves AND you cannot see to the other side! Seriously, we live in the Midwest, people, what do you expect?!

Although I had a great time catching up with my sister, I was glad to return home. Unfortunately, we were greeted by one sick Daddy. It seems while we were away Ben finally succumbed to the "yuck," complete with a fever, aches, and chills. Thankfully, though, that completes the sickness cycle for our family and we should all be in the clear for now...just in time to enjoy the rest of our free.

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