Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Really Random Update Interrupted

It looks like it has been another week of silence in between my blog posts. Honestly, it is not due to lack of material, but rather a complete absence of motivation to write. In fact, I have a bunch of pictures just waiting on our camera to be uploaded so I can tell you about our spontaneous whirlwind trip to Duluth last weekend (and for a very un-spontaneous family, deciding to go to Duluth 3 hours before leaving is definitely living on the edge), but I haven't had the patience to sit down and upload, edit, then download all the pictures to the blog.
So, instead of writing about all the other crazy little things going on in our world, I have opted for silence. And, then I kind of feel bad when I meet someone (like at the baby shower I attended today) who tells me that they love my blog and read it all the time and although I say something to the effect of "Thanks, I'm glad you like it!" what I'm really thinking is, "I'm not quite sure what awesome blog you are referring to because over the past few months I feel like mine has kind of gone down the crapper." (As a side note, I have officially reached a new low in my blogging life by reading that previous sentence out loud to Ben to inquire whether or not the use of the word "crapper" on my blog is appropriate.)
Anyway, as I write this the kids are watching "Toy Story 2" and drinking Daddy-made strawberry milkshakes while Allie is burning up with a 102 degree fever and complaining of a sore neck (really, she means she has a sore throat, but insists that it is her neck that hurts). I think she just caught a cold that I've had for the past few days, but seems to have come down with a much more severe case. We'll see how tomorrow plays out and if a visit to the doctor on Monday will be necessary. Also, I'm hoping Zach will come down with it sooner rather than later because we have planned to visit my sister and brother-in-law in Wisconsin this week and I'd prefer we just get all the sickness out of the way before our trip.
In other news, Allie passed her swim lessons with flying colors this week and she'll be advancing to the "Titans" class after a two-week hiatus. Hopefully, by then, we can have a few more chats about using our ears more than our mouths at swim lessons and the importance of following the teacher's instructions rather than inventing our own games to play and spending the duration of lesson time successfully convincing all the other boys to take part.
Zach has been spending the majority of his recent days trying to decide whether he is big or little. Truth be told, I think he is just enjoying his last few months of baby-of-the-family status while also feeling conflicted by the innate 2-year-old desire to be a big boy. Either that or he is just beginning to learn how to "work the system." Regardless, this conflict presents itself on a daily basis when he is asked or told certain things. Examples:

Me: Zach, it's time to pick up your toys.

Zach: No...I'm too little to pick up toys.

Me: Zach, you are not supposed to pull Allie's hair. Timeout, buddy.

Zach: No...I'm too big for time out.

Me: Zach, let's use the potty before we leave.

Zach: No, I'm too little for the potty.

Me: Zach, you need to hold my hand while we're in the street.

Zach: No, I'm too big for holding hands.

Me: Zach, aren't you going to eat some broccoli?

Zach: No, I'm too little for broccoli...disgusting.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to end this post prematurely due to my innate fear of thunderstorms (growing up in Oklahoma can do that to you) and the fact that the sirens are blaring away while the local weathermen are talking of 70 mph straight-line winds and funnel clouds. And...Ben just grabbed the flashlights due to the lights flickering. Great...I have about T-minus 10 seconds to put on my brave face for the kids. Either that or Ben is going to have to be brave enough for the both of us...which is usually how it goes.
Update: We weathered the storm out in the basement. Although I thought the birch tree in the front yard was going to snap in two, it did not. The tornado missed us and so did the storm damage. All we suffered from was a 4-hour power outage (of which Ben and I spent an hour and a half of it playing Monopoly by candlelight) and a few big birch branches lying in the front yard. The best part was the awesome rainbow we got to see before putting the kids to bed for the night.

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Soccerbelle said...

I'm so glad you feel as unmotivated as me. Does that make it acceptable for both us? I promised my readers (all two of them) that I would update them on my vacation from which I returned over a week ago, but I have yet to log int my blog since returning. I like to think we're too busy living in moment to record the past. That's my story anyway. You're welcome to borrow that excuse if you'd like!