Thursday, July 8, 2010

Swim Lessons

What a fun and busy time we've had for our first week back from vacation! Monday morning Allie began her first session of swim lessons.

Although from the picture you cannot tell (I think she was actually struggling to keep her eyes open because I posed her so that she was looking directly into the sun), she was so excited to begin swim lessons.

Zach was very disappointed upon arrival at the pool only to discover that he was not registered for swim lessons too. I explained to him several times before Monday morning that you have to be 4 years old to be in swim lessons by yourself, to which he continually commented forcefully, "I AM FOUR!" At least he is determined...

There was actually a class I could have enrolled him in, but I have to be present in the water with him and since the timing didn't coincide with Allie's class, there was no way I could sign him up. I know Allie is maturing quickly, but I don't think she is quite ready to entertain herself poolside without any parental supervision. Actually, after observing Allie's class this week, I'm fairly certain that by next year both Zach and Allie will be able to take swim lessons.

Anyway, Allie is doing great in swim lessons! She is the only girl with four other boy classmates and she manages to out-talk them all. She also seems to be the most daring in the water, jumping in with no hesitation, kicking her little heart out, and even showing the teacher how she can dive just like Ariel. I thought maybe she would get tired of going to swim lessons every single morning of the week, but come to find out, she was actually disappointed when she found out we aren't going tomorrow (there are no classes on Fridays). We have one more week of lessons for this session, then a two week break, and then I signed her up for another two-week session in August.

I have a feeling the only thing I will be hearing about for the last two weeks in July is why she can't go to swim lessons until August! Good thing we will be gone one of those weeks visiting Aunt Stephanie--hopefully the excitement of seeing her and Uncle Chris will put her enthusiasm for swim lessons on hold for at least a few days.

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