Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation Pictures, Part 2

One of the first things we did as soon as the sun made its appearance was to hit up the local mini golf/go-kart/horseback riding joint. It was still chilly, but not anything a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt couldn't easily take care of.
We weren't really planning on horseback riding this year (mostly because the preggo mama wasn't allowed to participate), but then we saw a sign for pony rides and decided to give it a shot. The kids loved the opportunity and it was actually fun for the adults too because we got to lead the ponies around the wooded trail by ourselves!
Next up, Allie saw these little statue horses and insisted upon a picture:
Zach, on the other hand, sat on top of one of the statue horses and began screaming "NO PICTURE!" as soon as I whipped the camera out: Go-karts were next up and the kids were thrilled. Since preggo mama wasn't allowed to do the go-karts either, Zach picked to ride with Daddy and Allie decided to go with Grandma:

On the next track, Allie opted for Daddy as her driver and Zach chose Grandpa. Here they are (with Uncle Chris...apparently Grandma wasn't with the pack) in action:
Since all was going so well, we decided to try our luck at the mini golf course. Unfortunately, the kids were reaching near-melt-down stage and the ideal mini golf experience was not had. Taking turns just didn't seem to be on their agenda and they had no interest in hitting the golf balls with the clubs, but preferred to roll them around the greens and place them into the holes or throw them into the water hazards while also jumping on every single rock, bridge, or embankment. Incessant whining seemed to take precedence over all else and by the end I think we were all amazed we actually survived all 18 holes alive and well.
Here is a rare instance where Zach actually allowed Ben to show him the proper golf stance:
Allie was not interested at all in having anyone give her any help and made sure everyone knew her feelings.

The highlight of the 18-holes came at the very end when we were returning our balls into the ball return that was set up as a plinko-type game where you had the opportunity to win a free game of golf and a scoop of custard (yes, there was also a custard stand at this place in addition to the horses, go-karts, and mini golf) if the ball landed in a specified hole. We were all commenting on how impossible it would be to get the ball into the hole and how it was definitely rigged so that no one could ever win when Zach dropped his ball into the game and actually ended up getting his ball into the specified hole and WON!
Go figure. We all had a good laugh!
Unfortunately we did not return later in the week to redeem our free game...mostly because the 18-holes of mini golf with the kids we had just experienced were enough for us for a very. long. time.

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