Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kid Art Work

I love kid art work. Granted, we have LOTS of it and while I am not always the greatest at keeping it or photographing it, the finished masterpieces that do find their way to prominence on the refrigerator door never fail to make me smile.

I remember before becoming a parent I vowed to never, EVER display such tacky pieces of paper on my refrigerator. I actually am kind of anti-fridge decor, refusing to incorporate snapshots, Christmas cards, or the tacky yellowish magnet displaying poison control's emergency contact info as part of my fridge door experience.

Anyway, I know I very well may be starting an intense debate over something that is quite common in almost every household. In fact, I don't think I can even recall the last time I was over at a home where a personal fridge collage was absent (well...except my parent's home, but my mom and I are blood related and therefore share many of the same neurotic tendencies).

So, you can obviously chalk my plain fridge door preference up to another one of those Type A neurotic tendencies that is continually being challenged by motherhood as exemplified by the fact that my refrigerator door at present is displaying a meal planning diagram, shopping list, several magnets, a kid calendar, letter diagrams, two magnetic stuffed animals (how in the world those made the cut, I still do not know), a plastic hanging file filled with preschool and church info, and several pieces of kid art work.

Among the kid art work (which is definitely my favorite of the fridge vomit at the moment) displayed, you will find.....

A family portrait by Allie, complete with name labels:

The reason I like this picture so much is because I have been depicted with curly hair and no arms. I've always wanted voluminous curls and it looks like I've gotten my wish. I'm not sure why my daughter thinks I'm armless, but I think I'd take her depiction of my model-like flowing curls over the presence of arms any day.

Picture #2 is an authentic depiction of a beach by Zach:
Zach is not usually into artwork that much so I get super excited when he actually spends more than 2 seconds with paper and colors. He was particularly excited by the multiple array of colors he used and informed me that he even used the Green Bay Packers colors (oh, Ben would be proud.)
The last picture on display this week is a portrait of Zach by Allie:

I especially love this picture because Allie spent well over 2 hours completing it. She not only gave Zach superh. ero wings (like Buzz Lightyear), but also super hero spikes for hair. Zach was so honored to receive this portrait that it actually resided in his room on his night stand for three days before it made its way onto the fridge.
And, see that little head with two legs to the bottom left underneath the "Zach" label? Apparently that is the new baby who has been making an appearance in almost all of Allie's drawings lately. Apparently in addition to having no arms, unlike her mother with a head of flowing curls, she is unfortunately bald.

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