Saturday, August 14, 2010

Preggo Update

18 weeks vs. 29 weeks

These pictures show approximately 11 weeks of preggo time gone by


I only have 11 more weeks left to go!

I know this is my third and I'm fully aware of the fact that my stomach will expand even more, but I'm still finding it a little hard to believe.

Some fun 29 week facts:

I have been having a serious hankering for cupcakes. I have yet to indulge that craving, but am not sure how much longer I can hold out.

I made a lasagna last week when it was over 95 degrees outside because I couldn't imagine eating anything else for dinner but lasagna.

Our little girl's most active time of day, without a doubt, is whenever my head hits the pillow.

I am officially sporting alien-belly. You know, when the baby is moving and you can see your belly rolling all around.

I'm still walking...2 miles a day...braxton hicks contractions and all. Fun times. Fun times.

Although I've had a little more swelling over the past month, I'm still able to wear my wedding ring (and, by this time with both of my other pregnancies, I was forced to sport a bigger band size courtesy of Wal-Mart).

A lot of my "maternity" shirts are actually my old "before I lost over 60 lbs" shirts which makes me feel good (as in..."Wow! I'm almost 30 weeks preggo and am wearing clothes I wore when I wasn't preggo at all) and a little icky (as in..."seriously?! I'm almost 30 weeks preggo and am wearing these behemoth clothes again")

I actually told someone last week that I missed running. I'm still a little in shock myself that those words came out of my mouth.

I've officially entered the third trimester...which is the last trimester...which means we will be meeting our newest daughter soon! Yay!

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ella reynolds said...

Jen. I'm sure that you don't feel this way but YOU. LOOK. AMAZING! So beautiful and I didn't even notice in your picture that your shirt was a "pre-weightloss" shirt! While I know nothing of pregnancy cravings, I vote to indulge in at least 1 cupcake and then have Ben hide/dispose of the rest!

Jen D said...

Thanks so much, Rachel! As far as the cupcakes...well, that craving was fulfilled yesterday (after I wrote this post) and pictures are forthcoming. seems congratulations are in order to you! I hope you are able to enjoy some of the crazy-ness of wedding planning :) So excited for you!!!

J mom said...

you look fantastic!