Sunday, September 19, 2010

Apple Orchard

This past week seemed extra long. Not only were most of the days grey and cloudy, but Ben was out of town for work for a few days, leaving just the kids and I to hold down the fort here at home. Thankfully, we kept busy and the kids were actually really well-behaved (especially in the evening at bath time when I seem to feel the most worn obviously the kids are typically at their loudest and rowdiest), but we all still missed Daddy and were more than happy when he returned home.
Throughout the week, we were definitely looking forward to the weekend, not only anticipating time to spend with Daddy, but also a trip to a local apple orchard. I was a bit bummed when I watched the weather on Friday night and they were still predicting Saturday morning rain, but on our way to the orchard the grey clouds moved out, making way for the sun once again.
Although it was still quite cool (I think it barely made it to 60-degrees), with our sweatshirts and the sun shining we had a grand ole' time picking apples, petting the goats, eating caramel apples and apple cookies, drinking apple cider, and partaking in the hay ride. We met up with a few friends of ours and all the kids enjoyed playing together at the orchard and were happy to continue their shenanigans during and after lunch at our friend's home.
It was truly a perfect Fall day and a great end to our week!

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