Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of Preschool

Today was Allie's first day of preschool. Since this marks the beginning of her second year of preschool, she wasn't really all that nervous or apprehensive. A few weeks ago she was a little concerned about not having the same teachers or the same friends, but by today all that concern had been replaced by sheer excitement.

Allie has officially graduated to the Blue Class which is made up of kids that are either 5 already or will be turning 5 this Fall and have not yet started kindergarten. I'm already in LOVE with her teachers who are incredibly organized and send weekly e-mails with complete lesson plans!
One of the biggest changes with preschool this year is that Allie will be eating her lunch with her class every Tuesday and Thursday. Apparently there was a little mishap and there may have been an entire glass of milk spilled at lunch today, but Allie assured me that it was only an accident and the helper was only a little upset, but that she was going to be more careful next time.
I've also been told that they have a really cool fairy book that she can't wait to read again on Thursday and her favorite part of the day was when they ate pudding and animal crackers for snack. Allie was also happy to report that another little girl had the exact same applesauce as she did for lunch and that she was the best scooter rider out of her entire class on the playground.
Zach was definitely a little out of sorts with Allie's absence, not quite remembering how to play by himself and wandering around the house a little aimlessly...I'm sure it will just take him a few weeks to adjust.
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He accompanied me to Target where I treated him to an Icee and he proceeded to talk and sing the entire time we were in the store. We came home and read some books and then I took him out for a Mommy and Zach date to Panera for lunch. Afterwards, we headed to the party store to pick out decorations for his upcoming 3-year old birthday celebration. Although I'm fairly certain he enjoyed himself, he was more than happy when I announced it was time to go and pick up Allie.
This afternoon, after preschool, Allie took her first nap in ages! She was going to spend quiet time reading books on her bed, but it seems the excitement of preschool can be wearing and when I went to check on her, she was out like a light. However, she's already looking forward to going back on Thursday!