Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Love Weekends

It's Sunday night and I am bummed that the weekend is already coming to an end. Although we had a pretty low-key, average Saturday and Sunday, it was fun and relaxing all at the same time. Plus, I had been feeling pretty crummy on Friday (no real reason other than lots of contractions and being exhausted), so I was thankful to wake up on Saturday morning at 7:38 am (YES! The kids actually slept in!! WAHOO!) after a great night's sleep, feeling a TON better.

We lazed around on Saturday morning before deciding that we should take advantage of the picture perfect Fall-like weather by taking a windows-down ride in the truck. The kids absolutely LOVE riding in the truck because, of course, there is nothing quite as exciting as the wind whipping through your while hollering at the top of your lungs as you cruise down the interstate.

I had the great idea to head to Sonic for lunch so we could extend our enjoyment of the windows-down truck ride experience. I have many nostalgic memories of going to Sonic when I was a kid growing up in Oklahoma. I'm fairly certain it was one of my favorite places to eat out because besides being able to eat in the comfort of your own vehicle, if you ordered a cheeseburger, it would come with a frilly toothpick and a peppermint. Plus, I recall them having pretty tasty slushies that my parents were occasionally brave enough to order us.

So, anyway, the whole way to Sonic, I'm talking up all of my grande ole' memories of this establishment and how excited I am to be going there again after a twenty-some year hiatus (Sonic is sorta new to us northerners). Ben, looking at me kind of puzzled, is not quite sharing in my enthusiasm. And, when we got there and received our food, I can also say that my enthusiasm quickly waned.

After attempting to hand out cheeseburgers to the kids in the truck, while also trying to balance drinks and fries and tator tots, meeting requests for ketchup, handing out countless napkins, dealing with spilled drinks and fries, and also managing to somehow get a bite or two of my own food, it occurred to me that my parents were probably not as much in love with Sonic as I was as a kid.

But, we did still receive our peppermints (however, the frilly toothpick was absent), so that did make me feel a little better. I'm thinking, though, that in the future, if a beloved childhood restaurant does make it's sudden appearance in the northern lands (ie--Whataburger!), I may think twice before visiting for fear that my memories will not live up to the present experience.

After the Sonic disappointment (which seriously was only a disappointment to me because the kids thought it was the next best thing to the wind whipping through their hair with the truck windows rolled down), we happened across a county park along the Mississippi River. We had a great time exploring the beautiful park. See...

We ended the day with more playing outside in the backyard followed by breakfast for dinner.

Today was a pretty normal day, lunch, afternoon walk, some catching up on household chores, grilled steak for dinner. Oh, yes, and there was football. Blech. However, I always enjoy when the Packers win because it means Ben is in a particularly good mood. It's even better if the Packers win and the Vikings lose...which happened this week! That's about as excited as you will see me get over football, EVER.
Here's hoping this week goes by quickly...because I'm already anticipating next weekend!


Soccerbelle said...

Love the addition of Olivia to the side bar.

I want your kind of weekends.

I totally understand Ben's excitement over a Packer win and a Viking loss.

Jen D said...

Thanks, Soccerbelle! I still haven't "officially" announced her name, but that is to come. I'm still working on a new blog name, though.