Monday, September 13, 2010

Officially Announcing...

No, our newest daughter has not arrived yet...even though I am definitely more than ready to meet her (and the last trimester discomforts of pregnancy are definitely wearing thin!), even I recognize it is a wee early for her safe and healthy arrival. But, I decided it was time to officially announce her name.

The main reason I have been holding out on the name announcement is because I have come to the realization that even though Ben and I love her name, not everyone else does. In fact, it even took us a couple weeks to sell Allie on her name. Anyway, it seems lots of people also have opinions about it and are not afraid to share. And, seeing as I'm probably a tad bit more sensitive (ahem...and...hormonal at the time), I was not in the mood to respond to comments such as "Do you realize how popular that name is right now?" or "Oh, I knew someone with that name and I couldn't stand them!" etc, ad naseum...

But, now that all of our close friends and family know her by name and we pretty much all refer to her by her name, it seems odd to write about her and not use her name.

So, without further adieu, our newest daughter's name:

I thought I would also take this opportunity to show you around Olivia's new room. We've used the same nursery and safari theme for all three of our kids. Since they are so close in age, it hardly seems necessary to repaint and redecorate every 2 years! So, whether boy or girl I try to add some gender specific touches.

Here is the view from the door, facing to the right of the room:
Facing left, directly behind the door, is her closet....full of itty bitty pink clothes!
Here is the view of the remainder of the room from the glider:
As you can see, we are officially ready to welcome Olivia home!


lsalsa said...

I LOVE the name Olivia. And she already has a theme song! I've got it running through my head now (fun) OLIVIA, OLIVIA!

I completely understand not revealing the name, we kept both boys names secret until the day they were born, for the very same reason, I knew I'd be ugly if anyone said anything negative about the name we'd choosen. So we kept it to ourselves, much harder for people to be negative when they are holding the precious baby in their arms! :)

Andrea said...

It makes me so mad that people think they can share their opinion about a name just because the baby hasn't been born yet! Someday I will do the same. I think it is a beautiful name and I very much like it, but even if I didn't, who cares, you do, and that's what matters.

Jen D said...

Thanks, Isalsa! I totally agree about people not giving negative opinions when they can actually SEE the baby. At that point, if they must insult the name, it definitely comes across as insulting the baby, and pretty much no one does that. and me both :) And, I am glad you like her name!