Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Birthday CAKE!

After dinner at our favorite pizza restaurant with Grandma and Grandpa, it was time to come home and enjoy some birthday cake!

Even though he enjoyed a free birthday chocolate fudge sundae (complete with whip cream--Zach's favorite part) and was the recipient of an Elvis-style "Happy Birthday" song courtesy of one of the waiter's at the pizza restaurant, Zach's sweet tooth prevailed and he couldn't wait to dig into his cake.

However, he did indulge us by waiting patiently while we sang "Happy Birthday" before blowing out his candles.

And, then it was time to dig in! Zach's favorite part of his cake? The frosting. Can you tell?
Everyone, including the birthday boy, approved of the cake. And, all children of the household experienced an intense sugar-high for the remainder of the evening.

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