Saturday, October 2, 2010

I Finally Went to Target

As a follow-up to my previous post (and just in case you may still be wondering), I was able to locate a pair of old work-out pants that actually fit around my ballooning belly so the kids and I were able to take a trip to Target on Friday afternoon to purchase HE laundry detergent without my having to resort to wearing pajama pants.
In my defense, the reason I ended up with the wrong detergent in the first place is that apparently the Target I frequent doesn't see the point in stocking the HE type of detergents and regular detergents separately. They do an adequate job of separation for some of the brands, but apparently not for the particular brand I purchase. While I was looking, to my horror, I noticed the HE types and regular types of my preferred brand were completely co-mingled. Not cool. At all. I'm pretty sure I checked and re-checked at least 10 times for fear I would end up at home with the wrong detergent again.
So anyway, after ensuring I had indeed chosen the correct laundry detergent, the kids and I decided to take a tour of the toys because I was trying desperately to kill some time because I knew Ben was going to be home late from work. On the way to the toys, we walked past the intimates section which sparked the following conversation between my two children:
Allie: Oh! Look at all the beautiful bras!

Zach: I need a bra.

Allie: NO! Boys do not wear bras. Bras are only for girls.

Zach: Boys can wear bras too! I need a boy one. In blue. My favorite color.

Allie: Zach, the reason boys do not wear bras is because they do not have big chestes (I believe the word 'chestes' is actually the plural form of chest).

Zach: Yes they do! Boys have big, strong chestes!

Allie: No, Zach. That is not how God made boys. Boys' chestes do not grow. God made girls' chestes to grow...bigger and bigger...and then they need bras to hold them in.

Zach: Oh.

Allie: Like, when I'm 6 or 7, my chestes is going to grow and then I will need a bra. (At this point, I did interject to inform Allie that she will probably be older than 6 or 7 before that happens).
Then we were thankfully past the bra aisle and the conversation ended. And, I'm fairly certain the three women we passed while on our way to the toys that overheard the conversation were holding back laughter.


Natalie said...

this is the best ever!!!! LOL

Michelle said...

This is so hilarious!!!! And I can just see them so intent and so serious about the subject matter:) You will be so glad you wrote this down to remember in the future - they might not, but that's part of the fun!