Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zach's Birthday Party

The Toy Story party decorations were in place:The presents were wrapped:And one particular three-year-old was excited for his birthday party to begin!First, he wasted no time opening his presents: Actually, after the first two, he was ready to be done and just wanted to open the toys and play with them. So, Allie made sure to help him finish the job: And, a hard job it was: After opening race cars, dinosaurs, and books, Zach's greatest birthday wish was granted: He is now the proud owner of his very own set of wings...which he observed in action, firsthand, in front of the bathroom mirror:

We did, however, have to remind him that he could not actually fly with his new wings:
So, in between racing his cars:He's been racing around the house in his wings: And, seriously, what more could a little boy ask for than wings and race cars?Well, birthday cake - of course!
(to be continued...)

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Soccerbelle said...

My son would have totally loved those wings. In fact, at almost 19, I think he still would!