Friday, November 12, 2010

2 Weeks

Wow. I can hardly believe 2 weeks have flown by since Olivia was born. Granted, having Ben home to help out for the first week followed by my mom coming to stay and help out for the second definitely made the time pass quickly. If only the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy would have flown by as fast!
Anyway, today was officially my first day alone with all three kids. And, dare I say, it went by rather smoothly. I am in shock at how well Allie and Zach entertained themselves all morning long in the basement playroom (at this point, I'm going to ignore the fact that they also simultaneously created a ginormous mess that literally took them both approximately 1.5 hours to clean up).
I even managed, in between nursing sessions, to go through all my maternity and "fat" clothes to determine which ones fit now and are wearable (because, unfortunately for me, I'm apparently not one of those lucky women who can have a baby and then fit back into her pre-preggo jeans within a week's time), which ones need to be thrown away, and which ones will be donated to Goodwill. Let's just say the whole process was motivation enough for me to set a start date of Monday for Operation Lose that Baby Weight! More on that to come later...
Otherwise, I successfully fed and clothed everyone today and even got in a quick shower. If that's not enough to qualify as "supermom," I don't know what is.
So, I haven't really blogged much over these past two weeks. Mostly due to the fact that Olivia's fussiest time of day is during the big kids' nap/quiet time (when I usually blog...sometimes I will blog in the evenings after the kids go to bed, but I must confess that there have been more evenings than not recently that I have also been in bed shortly following the kids' bedtime of 8:00 pm). Anyway, when Olivia is fussy, it is a prime indicator of her need to eat. Since I still have not perfected no-hands nursing or one-handed typing, the blog has been put on the back burner.
But, if I would have been on top of blogging these past two weeks, I would have definitely written about....
  • Zach's newest favorite phrase, "I CAN'T KNOW HOW!" Examples of phrase usage are as follows: Mom says, "Please pick up your room, Zach." Zach replies, "I CAN'T KNOW HOW!" Mom says, "Zach, it's time to go potty before bed now." Zach replies, "I CAN'T KNOW HOW!" Mom says, "Zach, please put your pants on your legs, not on your head." Zach replies, "I CAN'T KNOW HOW!" Nice how that little phrase works, huh?
  • Allie's observance of my tummy. She told me the other day that my tummy is definitely smaller, but it's still just a little big and jiggly. Honestly...sit ups start Monday.
  • I am convinced that lack of sleep is directly related to how severely I crave chocolate. In addition, I am finding that lack of sleep is also directly related to the amount of restraint I am able to display in response to a severe chocolate craving. Unfortunately for me and my chocolate craving self who has shown little to no restraint due to lack of sleep, there is still Halloween candy in the house.
  • Olivia officially wins the award for my most poopy baby. I cannot believe the amount of times that little babe poops in one day...and the quantity is unreal for someone who is barely 8 pounds. Not to mention, she has successfully shot poop on the wall, in the bath tub, on mom, on grandma, and all over most of the clothes she has worn. Thankfully we aren't necessarily exploding out of diapers yet, but the minute the diaper comes off, the poop comes a shootin'.
  • We're supposed to get snow tomorrow. I'm a little depressed by this because I feel like we should still have a little bit of Fall left before the snow comes. Can we not at least have Thanksgiving before the snow (and Christmas decorations, Christmas music, Christmas displays, Christmas ads...)?
  • Thanksgiving is in less than 2 weeks. How can Thanksgiving be in less than 2 weeks?!

I'm sure there is more floating around in my jumbled brain, but the chow-hound is not-so-quietly informing me that it is yet again time for her milk....

I'll try to post more pictures soon...meaning, that I should probably take some more pictures soon (poor third child!).

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