Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Big Brother Zach

I've posted lots of pictures of Allie, the seasoned big sister. So, this post is dedicated to the new big brother, Zach.
Although the adjustment to having a little sister is proving to be a bit more difficult for Zach (basically meaning lots of temper tantrums as he takes any and every opportunity to assert his will), he definitely loves Olivia. He is always commenting on how cute she is and how happy he is that she is in our family.
Here he is with Aunt Stephanie, "petting" Olivia's head:
He also likes to play games with her. One of these games involves him waving his finger in front of her face. Apparently, according to Zach, Olivia really likes it.
He also likes to give her plenty of kisses:
And, he does enjoy occasionally holding her:
Zach also really likes it when she holds his hand:
I also think it is funny how interested Zach is in Olivia's whereabouts at any given time. He is constantly aware of Olivia's presence and location and if she isn't around (because she may be taking a nap in her crib), Zach definitely inquires as to where she is. He even asked me one time if she went back into my tummy. Ummm....no.
So, there you have it--The budding big brother!

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