Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Made It!

I can't believe I actually made it through my first week alone with 3 kids! I think God must have known I was a tad bit worried about this first "real" week as a mom of 3 because He provided so much help for me. So, I wasn't technically "alone" at all. Between Ben's help with the kids on Allie's preschool mornings (Tuesday and Thursday), dinners brought over from friends, and my mom's help on Friday so that I could run some much needed errands alone, the week went by so smoothly.
Ben even took Zach along with Allie to her preschool Thanksgiving party on Thursday while Olivia and I enjoyed a quiet morning at home ( I couldn't help but do a little cleaning while Olivia was snoozing away in between feedings). I was sad to have missed Allie's program and Thanksgiving "GORP" feast, but I did get to hear all about it when they arrived home from two very enthusiastic kids.

There were definitely a few "hairy" when all 3 kids were crying at once (Olivia because she was particularly fussy for no apparent reason, Zach because he was refusing to clean up his toys, and Allie because Zach ripped one of her prized coloring pages). Or, when Zach came down with a nasty stomach bug and couldn't hold in his poop long enough to make it to the potty at the exact moment I began nursing a terribly fussy Olivia. I never thought I would have to contemplate whether it was more necessary to feed my screaming baby or clean up my poopy son. I won't go into particulars, but Zach was able to wait for a bit in the bathtub until I could get to him. And, thankfully, Ben arrived home shortly after.

I even ventured to Target for the first time with all three kids in tow this past week. Granted, I only needed 2 items, but as Olivia slept in her car seat, the big kids and I had fun perusing through the dollar and toy sections.

I actually couldn't believe how quickly the week flew by. All of a sudden it was Saturday! Since Zach was still feeling under the weather, I took Allie along with me to run a few more errands on Saturday. We also went to lunch at Potbelly's where they just so happened to be having an anniversary celebration complete with free cake, balloons, music, face painting, and games. Allie declared it her new favorite restaurant!

This week should prove to be a fun week as well...with Allie's birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas decorating all on the agenda!

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