Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last Sunday vs. This Sunday

Last Sunday we spent the afternoon outside in sweatshirts watching Daddy put up the Christmas lights. I know it may seem a little early for Christmas lights, but with such beautiful weather Ben couldn't resist (and, really, who enjoys putting up Christmas lights in freezing cold, snowy, and icy conditions anyway?). Actually, this past Monday and Tuesday we even left our sweatshirts at home and wore only T-shirts as we enjoyed the upper 60's and 70 degree weather (which is almost unheard of here in MN!).
This Sunday, however, we woke up to a winter wonderland. After church, the kids and Ben excitedly dug out their snow gear...

They took a few self-portraits...
...before heading out to snow blow/shovel and build some snowmen/women.

After approximately 2 hours, we now have a snow-Zach, snow-Allie, and snow-Olivia decorating our front yard.
My favorite detail is the stick-hair adorning snow-Zach and snow-Allie's heads.
Although Allie had lots of fun playing in the snow last year, this was the first year that Zach actually enjoyed himself in the snow. He had a blast and is already looking forward to the next snowfall.
Olivia, unfortunately, did not play in the snow. Instead, she accompanied Mommy to Target to pick up some more diapers.

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