Monday, November 15, 2010

My Most Popular Post

Recently I found a new gadget to add to the right side bar of my blog that keeps track of my "most popular posts." I'm guessing that means it keeps track of the posts on my blog that have received the most hits.
Imagine my surprise when I discovered my all-time most popular post is one in which I commented on the electrocuted squirrel in our backyard that sat on the power line box for nearly three months. In case you would like to re-visit that story in its entire glory (seriously, I'm not sure why), you can find the on going saga in the following posts:
The post in which I first introduce the zapped rodent
The post in which scavenger birds decide to snack on the zapped rodent
The post in which the zapped rodent is officially removed from our property
So, there you have it. My most significant contribution to the world of blogging revolves around deceased vermin. Boy, that sure makes me feel good...

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