Monday, December 6, 2010

Adventure Park

Since I'm still trying to play blog post catch-up, I thought I would include the pictures from our most recent visit to the indoor play park last Monday. Since we didn't do a "friend-birthday-party" for Allie this year, I asked her if she wanted to do something with any of her friends for her birthday and she requested a morning at Adventure Park with her friend Rachel.
Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend proved the perfect time to go. We were pretty much the only people there for the majority of the time, so the kids had free reign of all the play toys.
Since we were still celebrating Allie's birthday, I brought cupcakes along and they even gave all the kids balloons (by all the kids, I mean the siblings that tagged along as well!).

We all had a fun time...even the mommies who got the opportunity to chat while the kids expended every bit of their pent up energy!
All three of my kiddies conked out on the ride home from the park. I may have taken the "long way" in an effort to extend the naps for all.
Since this is just the beginning of winter (and our winters up here in MN tend to be quite loooong), I'm sure we'll be visiting Adventure Park again soon!

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