Monday, December 20, 2010


It goes without saying that adding another person to your household can definitely shake up daily routines.  Since Olivia's arrival, bedtime has been a definite challenge.  We used to wait until about 7:30 pm to give the kids baths/showers and then proceed with teeth brushing, bedtime story, prayer, song, and bed.  But, after about 2 weeks of fit throwing, tantrums, stalling, delaying, and TONS of whining, we wondered if our trusty routine needed some reworking.  
So, now we have moved bath/shower time earlier...usually it takes place right after dinner.  And because a lot of the trouble seems to be created when a certain 5 year old and 3 year old are in the same room together after dinner, we do our best to keep bath and shower time separate.  What a world of difference this has made for the sake of the adults' sanity in our household! 
Granted, there is still the typical stalling once the clock rolls around to that magic hour of 8:00 pm.  For instance, Allie almost always remembers at about 7:55 pm that she really hasn't gotten to hold Olivia at all during the day.   
Then, of course, Zach needs a turn.  But, almost always, Olivia is ready to eat and doesn't take to being held by anyone other than her mom.   
 However, the mom can't pass up an opportunity to take a picture of all four of her favorite people!
 A few nights ago, the stalling also came in the form of posing for pictures in front of the Christmas tree. 
 After a while, the posed pictures started getting a bit out of hand. 
 And then it escalated to downright silly. 
Lately, bedtime has been extra fun because we have been doing our advent calendar with the kids.  Every night we read a little about the Christmas story, open a door of our calendar to find a specific character relevant to the Christmas story, and then we get to place the character on the nativity scene at the top of the calendar. 
Tonight's bedtime should be even more exciting as the kids have been setting up and preparing for a Christmas Pageant all afternoon.  Allie has recreated the manger scene in the basement, complete with stuffed animals dressed up (she has designed the costumes herself out of paper and doll clothes) as angels, wise men, shepherds, and there is even a kitty who is making her debut as the Christmas star.  Zach, apparently, cannot make up his mind whether he wants to be Joseph or a shepherd.  Allie, on the other hand, has already decided she will be Mary.  I guess I'll have to make sure I have the camera handy tonight as well!

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