Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Catch-Up Part 1

All of the fun, excitement, and busy-ness of the Christmas season has found me way behind on documenting our holiday celebrations.  Add to that a husband who has been on vacation all week in addition to breaks from preschool for Allie and no ECFE for Zach and you have a recipe for lots of fun, but not much leftover time for the computer.  So, now only hours away from the advent of a new year, I feel compelled to catch up.  I just think it would be wrong to begin 2011 know what I mean?  So, while others are out celebrating at grand New Year's Eve parties, I will be playing blog catch up while watching the celebrations on TV from the comfort of my own living room (which is honestly a-ok with me seeing as I want nothing to do with the freezing rain outside and have every intention of hitting the pillow as soon as Olivia calls it a night).  And, since there is kind of a lot to get through, expect fewer words and lots of pics.  So, here goes...
First up, we have the Christmas Pageant that Zach and Allie put on all by themselves.   
I acted as costume designer and Ben helped a bit with set design (as in, Allie couldn't figure out how to suspend her stuffed animal who was posing as an angel from the ceiling over Baby Jesus' manger). 
 We read the nativity passages from Matthew and Luke while the kids "acted" out the story of Jesus' birth. 
Next up, we have our favorite babysitters who happily watch the kids when there are doctor's appointments that need attending to or errands to run.  There were quite a few of those kinds of things to crop up before Christmas this year. 
Here we have a rare picture of all three kids prior to Allie's preschool Christmas program.   
 Needless to say, I am incredibly excited about the prospect of matchy-matchy dresses for the girls :)
 We enjoyed Christmas cookies at Allie's preschool...
 followed by a visit with Santa (where Zach apparently requested a box of salt for Christmas)...
before watching Allie and her friends from preschool sing their Christmas songs.  The little girl with Allie below is her best friend, Lauren (no, Lauren is really not that tall, she was just standing on a riser and Allie was not). 
Some songs that Allie enthusiastically sang for us included renditions of Feliz Navidad,  
 The Twelve Days of Christmas,
 Away in a Manger,
 and Go Tell it On the Mountain. 
The best part was that all the songs were complete with hand motions.  Although Allie wasn't as enthusiastic in her singing as last year (basically, last year, everyone within a 3-mile radius could hear our daughter singing), we had a great time watching her.

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