Friday, December 31, 2010

Just One More 2010 Post

Aack!  I just realized I am not officially caught up with 2010 blog posts because I have yet to reveal the answers to my Who's That Baby?! post.  I fully intended to re-post the pictures with the answers, but now that it is nearing the kids' bedtime and I'll be needed rather shortly, I'm thinkin' a quick answer key will have to do the trick for now.  Here it is: 

A.  Allie
C. Zach
D.  Allie
F. Zach
G. Zach
I.  Allie

Although each baby definitely has their own look, I'm shocked at how much alike all three of them appear as well.  I was also surprised at how much Olivia is starting to look like Zach as she is growing (and, um, chubbin' out) since we all thought she was a dead ringer for Allie when she was first born. 

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